“Hit A Jew Day” At Suburban St. Louis Middle School

    “Hit A Jew Day” – Linked story at CBS News Website I’m kind of at a loss here. Yes, I’m Jewish by heritage. Did the whole Bar-Mitzvah thing, married and then divorced through the religion and I certainly believe in a just and almighty God. But when I see something like this, tears are what comes first, then outrage and deep anger. Also, there is | Read More »

    Cornell Staffer/Dean Oppress Student’s Free Speech

    More on Our Failed System of Education Students that belong to a pro-life campus group called Cornell Coalition for Life (CCFL) spent weeks and hundreds of dollars organizing a pro-life display to be featured on the Cornell University Engineering Campus in Ithaca, New York. This was no guerilla campaign, either, because the CCFL applied for and received permission for its display. Yet, scarcely an hour | Read More »

    ***Updated*** AP-Yahoo poll is biased in seven “distinctly invalid ways relative to known demographics”

    In DJ Drummond’s blog discussing the latest AP-Yahoo poll, he stated that the poll was “biased in six distinctly invalid ways relative to known demographics”. So I decided to look for myself and I found 7 worth noting. And I compared his “known demographics with census information. These are the results from Knowledge Networks who conducted the poll, matched with DJ Drummond’s analysis. I made | Read More »

    Education Policy And The Third Presidential Debate

    I was going to write up something defending school choice from the attacks leveled against it by Barack Obama last night, but I see that Andrew Coulson and Neal McCluskey have dealt with school choice and education policy issues at length in posts today. So I am glad to refer you to them. As both Coulson and McCluskey note, while school choice is excellent and | Read More »

    On Obama’s fake education program

    I couldn’t wait to hear the moderator ask about the Education Policies of both candidates last night. As soon as it came, I perked up and said, Okay, here we go!” I said it out loud to no one, as I watched the debate alone. This is finally where the fireworks begin and this is where McCains got the ammunition to go for the takedown. | Read More »

    Dean Warns Kiddie Porn Pervert Instructor to Hide Evidence from Investigators

    This is what our nation’s universities have come to. A professor at Rochester University, New York, was warned to destroy evidence of his kiddie porn collection stored on university computers ahead of a raid on his workstations staged by the State Police. And who was the informant? A university dean gave him a tip off causing the pervert prof to attempt to destroy the evidence | Read More »


    Obama Pushed on Our Kids in Grade School Lit Textbook

    Over at RealDebateWisconsin Fred Dooley was contacted by the mother of a Racine Unified School District 8th grade student in Wisconsin public schools about an outrageous thing she found in her son’s school textbook. Apparently, in this textbook supposedly teaching about literature, one of the books being pushed as a perfect example of that subject is Barack Obama’s memoir Dreams from my Father. That’s right, | Read More »

    Obama is a dunce

    I was just reading about the candidates education (http://www.obama-mccain.info/compare-obama-mccain-education.php) and for me it disqualifies Obama. While Mccain was graduating Magna cum Laude Obama was finishing nearly last in his class. This trying times require an exceptional leader not an also ran…its time for the adults to be in charge!


    Paying cash for grades cheats education

    William Butler Yeats once wrote, “Education is not the filling of a pail but the lighting of a fire.” The city education establishments in Chicago, New York and Washington, D.C., beg to differ. The leaders of these abysmally performing systems believe education is indeed the filling of a pail – with money. For a change, their latest gambit is not aimed at funneling taxpayer dollars | Read More »

    Dear Senator McCain

    Dear Senator McCain: We know that the MSM will not ask Senator Obama any meaningful, substantive questions. You sir, respectfully, must therefore use tomorrow night’s debate to ask Mr. Obama the questions. As is good debate practice, you msut pre-empt his answers by anticipating what Mr. Obama might say, and by stating why such an answer is not acceptable. The American people are fed up | Read More »

    A Teachable Moment

    School Field Trip to Teacher’s Lesbian Wedding Sparks ControversySource “First-graders in San Francisco took a field trip to City Hall to celebrate the marriage of their lesbian teacher on Friday, but opponents of same-sex marriage in the state say the field trip was an attempt to “indoctrinate” the students, the San Francisco Chronicle reported. The field trip was suggested by a parent at the Creative | Read More »

    Secretary of Education…Scary!


    The Lost Issue of Education

    There has recently been a great tug-o-war over the relationship of Obama and Ayers, and with good reason. However, as new information about this relationship has come to light, there have been some equally disturbing facts that have also surfaced. The one I am speaking about is about education and American’s getting to see exactly what Obama means when he talks about education reform. Not | Read More »

    Why Obama will win in November

    I think we’re losing track of the real issues here: therefore, the liberal democrats have already won. These socialists control our government, education system, environmental issues, our energy policies (or lack of), the media, our intelligence agencies, and most of our institutions. Why else would political light-weights be representing the Republican Party? Why else would our party be distracted by gay marriage, gun rights and | Read More »

    Issues: Obama’s Education Policy a.k.a. the Impossible Dream

    I decided to really start researching each candidate’s policies tonight after a conversation with a friend. I realized that I couldn’t really define why I wouldn’t vote for Obama. So I decided to go the issues, and I focused on Education first. A little background first: I have grown up with a mother that teaches in a low-income public school in West Texas and I | Read More »