Teachers Union Head Seeks to Become Tin Pot Dictator

    Randi Weingarten has delusions of grandeur. She thinks she should be given the power of a dictator instead of those of a teachers union president. Instead of just teaching kids, Weingarten imagines that she should become doctor, nanny, nutritionist, psychologist, and mother to every kid in America. She imagines that she should be given the care and feeding of all the nation’s kids. Parents? Who | Read More »

    Quotes That Catch My Fancy (School Choice Edition)

    Is it time for a revival of a GOP urban agenda starting with vouchers? Where we went wrong the first time is pinning so much on the utilitarian benefits (reciting statistics about Catholic school performance) which left us open to the teachers’ unions nitpicking us to death. We should have been making an argument from the standpoint of freedom and dignity. Parents have a right | Read More »

    NAACP Gives McCain A Warm Welcome

    Mark Carlson, reports Senator McCain received a warm welcome at the NAACP Convention: John McCain told the NAACP and some skeptical black voters Wednesday that he will expand education opportunities, partly through vouchers for low-income children to attend private school. [. . .] We will pay bonuses to teachers who take on the challenge of working in our most troubled schools — because we need | Read More »

    ‘Tis A Very Valuable Thing, A Rant (Second For The Day)

    Megan McArdle has the floor. Oh, and for all of those people who insist on making some kind of huge connection between Milton Friedman and Augusto Pinochet, read this. This article is referenced in this comment to Megan McArdle’s post, but perhaps not surprisingly, commenters choose to ignore it.

    ‘Tis A Very Valuable Thing, A Rant

    Neal McCluskey goes medieval. Enlightenment ensues. I continue to be befuddled, of course, as to why the McCain campaign and other Republicans downticket do not make more of the issue of school choice. I know that teachers’ unions are very powerful but they are allied with Democrats and no amount of Republican silence is going to do anything whatsoever about that. So why not take | Read More »

    Weeping For Our Future

    As I was mowing my yard this morning, a couple of the neighborhood boys came by and said hello. Cute, innocent, 9 & 7 years of age. As I told them about my time in the Navy, they were enthralled, and at the same time, upset. They then proceeded to tell me why not only the Iraq war is wrong, but all war is wrong. | Read More »

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