Jindal’s Naive on Common Core

    Louisiana Governor Bobby Jindal gave a speech at a Redstate gathering on Friday where he addressed the Common Core.   He said, “We will resist any attempt … to impose a national curriculum,” But as the news story points out that “the Jindal administration has been supportive of the standards, with state Education Superintendent John White saying they will “put Louisiana’s children on an even playing | Read More »

    Perspectives in Education- Part 8: New Jersey’s Abbott Schools

    Because liberals believe that money solves all problems and because New Jersey is a liberal state with a liberal state supreme court, the example of New Jersey is perfect for demonstrating the silliness of this approach. The phrase Abbott school comes from a series of court rulings initiated by the Educational Law Center and included the New Jersey NAACP among other litigants. The state constitution | Read More »

    Perspectives in Education- Part 7: More on Race

    It is one thing to identify the achievement gap between blacks, whites and Hispanics and quite another to explain the reasons for that gap. There are no shortages of explanations and this article will address a few. The solution is the same theme that has been running through this series of articles and that solution is choice. In fact, there is one area where choice | Read More »

    Perspectives in Education- Part 6: The Racial Achievement Gap

    When discussing education reform, let alone any domestic issue, when that discussion turns to the issue of race and ethnicity, one enters the forum with trepidation. Anyone risks being branded a racist for pointing out actual statistical facts. If not attacking the messenger, they make excuses for the discrepancies. But, facts are facts and we can argue about the reasons until the cows come home. | Read More »

    Perspectives in Education- Part 5- Teacher Unions

    The precursor to today’s NEA was formed in 1857. They took on their current name in 1870. Initially, the union barred both women and blacks. Needless to say, teacher unions have been around for many years. Today, the NEA is both the largest professional organization and the largest union in America. That is part of the problem from the start, but more on that in | Read More »

    Perspectives in Education- Part 4- Attempts at Reform

    Ask any liberal why the federal government needs to be involved in K-12 education and they will usually give an answer that goes something like this: We can all concede that education is very important towards life outcomes and society in general. As a country, we are falling behind our foreign counterparts in science and math and other areas. There are over 14,000 school districts | Read More »

    Perspectives in Education- Part 2

    Expansion of early childhood education, or Pre-K programs, is being touted by Obama as the panacea to cure America’s educational ills. In essence, there are basically four general types of early childhood education: federally subsidized, or Head Start, state-run preschool (some universal, some targeted), private preschool, and no preschool. What Obama essentially advocating, although he is woefully short on specifics, is expansion of the federal | Read More »

    Perspectives in Education- Part 1

    One of the most contentious issues between liberals and conservatives is meaningful educational reforms. Whether discussing funding, school choice, or even the very purpose of education in the United States, the differences in opinion are profoundly disparate. However, there is one thing common to both camps- recognition of the importance of education to the social and economic fabric in today’s world. Although the ways to | Read More »

    Lamar Alexander: The Consummate Statist

    Who needs Democrats when we have Republicans like Lamar Alexander? As I comb through his voting record, it is striking to discover his history of supporting big government.  He voted for massive energy mandates and subsidies, tax increases, against blocking eminent domain, for expanded federal healthcare, against blocking Obama’s EPA mandates, against worker’s choice, and for every spending bill under the sun.  And of course, | Read More »

    The Liberal Agenda and Conservative Answers

    Liberals are obviously quite happy about the Supreme’s Court most recent decision regarding DOMA and gay marriage. But, they realize also that the Court did not go as far as they had hoped. As one website described it, they could pop a good bottle of California Riessling, but no Dom Perignon yet. In short, what they wished for and really want is a federal declaration | Read More »

    Mitch McConnell, Student Loans, and What’s Wrong With Republicans

    Here’s your daily dose of pale pastel politics from GOP leaders. In 2007, the Nancy Pelosi Congress passed a bill to slash the rate of interest on government-subsidized Stafford loans from 6.8% to 3.4%, at a cost of $6 billion.  But as we noted last week, the market distorting effect of government-subsidization of Big Ed is worse than the $6 billion cost to taxpayers.  The | Read More »

    Making the Right Argument on Student Loans

    Last July, as part of the highway omnibus bill, Congress passed a one-year extension of the 2007 law that reduced interest on government subsidized Stafford loans from 6.8% to 3.4%.  The total cost was $6 billion.  As we have seen with things like unemployment extension, the new fad in Washington is to temporarily extend market-distorting big government programs, with the full intention of making them | Read More »

    The beauty queen view of modern America

    Who knew that a beauty pageant could be brimming with so much socio-political insight?  The Miss USA pageant on Sunday gave us not one, but two, remarkable observations on the state of the Union. First, here’s Miss Alabama, Mary Margaret McCord, offering her thoughts on the surveillance state: “I think the society that we live in today, it’s sad that if we go to the | Read More »

    Harry Chapin and Common Core

    If you are asking who Harry Chapin is, I don’t think we can be friends anymore. And don’t you dare give me this “It was before my time” thing because so was George Washington, but I bet you know all about him, right? Chapin, a folk singer and (in my opinion) one of the best lyricists to grace us with his words, wrote many songs we | Read More »

    Jeb Bush in MI Peddling Common Core

    Jeb Bush is at Mackinac Island in Michigan this week talking about education.   Michigan is in a heated battle over Common Core.  State lawmakers are considering a budget measure to defund the standards and related assessments.   The Common Core standards were adopted by the Michigan Department of Education in 2010.   The budget measure passed the Michigan House this week and is waiting a vote | Read More »