Advice to Just-Elected Officials

    Immediately following the November 2 election, I mailed a letter of advice to 27 just-elected conservative officials.  I have decided to release this letter to the public. This historic election brings much opportunity and danger.  Hundreds of grassroots conservatives will soon enter local, state, and federal government.  Liberals in the bureaucracies, media, and the party establishments will do their very best to co-opt or derail | Read More »


    WHO ARE WE? WE ARE YOU! We are homegrown, hometown people who wish to live in peace. We want to worship who, when, and as we please. We want to raise, discipline and educate our children as we feel they should be. We want to enjoy and play with our grandchildren while being unafraid and unashamed. We want to look our children and grandchildren in the | Read More »