My N-Word is November

    One of my favorite signs at the tax day tea party in Washington, D.C. held up by the the Christo-fascist, flag waving, gun toting, racist, white power fueled, anti-semetic, neo-nazi, homophobic teabaggers, or whatever the Democrats are calling tea partiers these days, was “My ‘n’ word is November.”The guy who held it up was there with his wife. Her sign said, “I only play a | Read More »

    UPDATE 5: POLLS OPEN IN VIRGINIA!! A Blog from the Polls

    I’ll be wortking the polls later today in Eastern Fairfax.County. I swung by the precinct before running errands.A few quick observations: 1. Dramatically lower early morning voting. In the Obama-McCain election there was a line of several hundred people waiting as the doors opened at 6am. Today I hear there were 4 in line. Yes…four. There were about 20 through the doors in the first | Read More »

    A Tough (Anti-)Choice

    A good friend sent this to me a little while ago that I think captures what a lot of independents will be thinking when they go into the voting booth. For the first time in my life, today I voted Republican in a Presidential race. I wish I could say that it was a vote FOR a particular candidate… unfortunately, it was simply a vote | Read More »

    Election Day Open Thread #2

    Rain? Sun? Voter lines? Black panthers? Give us an update. Put your voting experience here. Put your projections here. Put your rambling thoughts here. Open Thread.

    Today’s Headlines — Nov. 4, 2008 Voters go to polls today in historic election Campaigns send lawyers to watch polls Thousands volunteer to watch for possible irregularities Joe the Plumber says McCain’s chances slim Catholics probe aid directed to ACORN Voters hit polls in battleground Virginia Justice keeps watch on fraud PRUDEN: Taking everything on blind faith Maria Stainer Assistant Managing Editor Continuous News | Read More »

    Election Day Open Thread #1

    Tell us your voting story. Tell us about any irregularities. Give us your best “why the polls are wrong” explanation. Make projections. Or just enjoy watching Democracy at work. Do it here. Open Thread.

    An Appeal to Reasons

    by Lance Thompson Americans will vote tomorrow in an election which, contrary to all predictions and manipulations, will be a close one. The arguments against Barack Obama and for John McCain are well known and seem to be gaining some traction in the final hours. I’d like to take this space to mention a few reasons to vote for McCain that aren’t commonly addressed First, | Read More »

    All I Want for My Birthday…

    That’s it. That’s all. Sure, some national and local legislative wins in the “R” column would be nice too (kinda like pretty candles on my cake). But my best and most coveted prize would be the top of the ticket. Just that. No need for ribbons or fancy wrapping paper, just give it to me straight, same as my whiskey.

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