Techno-Politics: The War for Downloadable Supremacy

    It used to be that the world was a place of “hands.” Every important exchange came slowly and directly through face-to-face conversations sealed with a handshake or a newspaper placed in the palm and digested by the slow and deliberate hand turning of the page. Today’s modern world offers a plethora of almost mindboggling opportunities to reach vast numbers of people with the mere extension | Read More »

    Tactics and Strategies for a November Sweep.

    I have been involved in politics for most of my adult life and have advised elected officials on campaign tactics and strategies during that entire period. My very first political campaign provided a template I would use throughout my career. It involved a conservative Democrat who was tagged by liberal opponents as a “one issue candidate.” Print, radio and television commentators and columnists were brutal | Read More »

    Break the Rules and You Get No Bone

    (cross-posted at There should be grave personal consequences for those Democrats who go against the wishes of their constituency and vote for whatever bill it is that eventually leads to enactment of Obamacare. This is especially true for those who are deemed “Blue Dogs.” This has been repeated communicated and, at this point, any Congressman who is determined to votes “Yea” in the face | Read More »

    Graphic – Democrats: Feel Our Wrath If You Pass Health Care Bill!

    We’re not allowed to mail rotten tomatoes or garbage to our foolish lawmakers, so if you’re angry, here’s a small substitute. Feel free to download this image and mail it to your lawmakers to let them know what you think of their unconstitutional attempt to take over the entire health care system in the U.S. ANYONE who votes in favor of such a bill, whether | Read More »

    I love Romney’s new message

    Mitt Romney just released his new book, which discusses ways to revive America’s greatness, and he has been making appearances on the TV circuit. Romney discussed the “temptations of populism,” which is something that has become too prevalent in the GOP and is a worrisome trend. Far too many republicans are scornful of people who went to elite universities and live in places like manhattan, | Read More »

    Why do Liberals fear Sarah Palin?

    Why do Liberals fear Sarah Palin? Let me count the ways. She has common sense. Who was the last politician that you remember that had that quality? She can speak on her feet. Yes, we all remember the fuss that was raised by the liberals for her Katie Couric interview that was proclaimed to show Sarah Palin’s interview. Not ready for prime time I believe | Read More »

    New Decade, Restoration of Greatness

    With the dawning of a new decade, the American People need to reflect on our past greatness, and the restoration of that greatness in the future. The political systems in Washington, the  States, and our local governments, are infiltrated with those who would deny the people our country’s greatness, and its Beacon of Liberty which  has shone throughout the world since America’s founding. Our country’s | Read More »

    Hoping For Change On November 2nd, or The Temptation To Gloat

    We are in a precarious position right now. It is tempting to gloat over Obama’s perceived predicament: a first year largely seen as a failure, slumping approval numbers, continued inability to pass Obamacare, an inability (unwillingness) to improve the economy, concession to move the KSM trial out of Manhattan. Many things seem to be going our way – on the surface. But still, this is | Read More »

    Redistribution of Blame

    I think it is time to socialize the political blame game.  For the last two years the liberals, socialists, democrats and the main stream media have beat the drums incessantly regarding everything being Bush’s fault. It would seem that the “Blame Bush” mantra hasn’t been receiving as much traction lately from my own perspective as well as here, though many of the normal culprits would | Read More »

    Democrats not rolling over…just yet

    A Nation of Fools by Peary Perry Sign up for new columns at Democrats not rolling over …just yet… This morning on the way to the office, I stopped at a bakery and bought a cake and had “Go, Scott, Go” iced on it……There are several yellow dog democrats in our area….they refused to eat even one bite. I told them it was only | Read More »

    Time to tip the King – Why Obama’s Healthcare Bill is Still Dead

    Back in August, I wrote an essay explaining why Obama’s effort to pass Healthcare Socialization was doomed.  As it turned out, he got a lot closer to succeeding than I thought he would.  I did not account for how dumb he and his team are, and the willingness of Democrats to commit political suicide.  Perhaps the last part is inaccurate.  The Democrats instead self deluded | Read More »

    Great Scott….The Scott heard Around the world

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    Obama’s Email Today: Now he’s bought it all

    Here is what Obama sent out to his minions this morning: As a ruse for collecting donations Obama has claimed this election for what it really is… a referendum on Progressivism ! Don’t let them claim something else. According to Obama this is not about a bad run for office, a poor candidate or an ill-prepared one.. it is about….. Right now, the polls are | Read More »

    It’s closer than we thought, and every vote counts.

    I was taken aback by Zogby’s prediction that Coakley would narrowly win the race today. All of the polling information of the past week had seemed so positive and undeniable that, while I remained skeptical myself due to potential fraudulent and unethical election activities, I had assumed the untarnished numbers were clear enough. So I checked them again. While the Brown lead over Coakley has | Read More »

    NO ELECTIONS IN NOV 2010, 2012 [No more account for you]

    It is obvious that, Obama/Dems are NOT going to hold ELECTIONS in NOV 2010 or 2012 or as far as he can get away with it.

    First, are their REASONS, and then there are CLUES they are giving out that leads one to that conclusion. We include six reasons and seven clues. Then we present a short analysis and recommend a remedy. With links to more detailed analyses. Our choice? To wake up now, or to give up the Republic.

    Read More »