Obama Cancels Elections

    If that future headline is ever printed, it probably won’t have Obama’s name on it at first.  More likely, it will be a proxy — a governor.  Or better yet, a mayor or county commission — perhaps in Illinois?  Near or in Chicago? But it will go down like this:  the MSM will show a wide-shot video of huge (but well-behaved) crowds at the Tax | Read More »

    Exporting/Expanding BLUE-ism… shaping elections to come.

    Exporting/expanding BLUE-ism (Liberal, Progressive, Socialist, politics)…. Shaping the Electoral Maps of the future…. All of this aside from the growth of illegal activities (read: ACORN, Liberal Judges in ultra-Liberal Districts ordering Polls to remain open late [Early- (and the new Late-) Voting trends], and other [Voting Psychology (Bandwagon and other effects) coupled with MSM bias attempts to mold/shape turnout] hi-jinks) to pad Democrat vote totals… | Read More »

    NJ-GOV: Keep the Money, Chris

    New Jersey and Virginia elect governors this year, and Republicans stand a good chance of taking both. In the Garden State, the GOP likely has a very strong challenger in former U.S. Attorney Christopher Christie, if he makes it through the primary against former Mayor of Bogota (Bergen County), Steve Lonegan. Christie made his name putting corrupt Democratic politicians in jail, so the primary should | Read More »

    Virginia Congressional Districts

    I’ve read a few post on RS that sound something like this- “Everything north of Richmond is Blue” or “Everything north of Richmond has gone over to the Dark Side.” I’ve gotten kinda irritated at this because I live north of Richmond, and my county is fairly Red (the good non-Communist American Freedom loving Red.)  So I’ve decided to post a picture and a link | Read More »

    Red State Weekly Political Update for Period Ending March 27, 2009

    Key Political Developments Senate Update Arkansas: A new Public Policy Polling survey (3/20-22; 600 registered AR voters) shows some surprising vulnerability for so-called moderate Sen. Blanche Lincoln (D). Against former US Attorney Tim Griffin (R), she leads only 46-37%. Paired with state Sen. Gilbert Baker (R), her advantage is a similar: 48-37%. The Senator’s job approval number is a lackluster 45:40. California: Confirming previous speculation, | Read More »

    CA May 19th Ballot Recommendations

    Two of my Tea Party goals were accessing new sources of information and engaging others. I have spent the morning preparing sensible, tax-savvy positions related to the May 19th special election in California. Though most of these seven propositions are touted as “essential for closing the budget gap”, they actually extremely misleading proposals. In fact, the titles of these ballot measures were actually challenged in | Read More »


    Why the Media Coverage of the 2008 Presidential Election Sucked.

    OK–maybe I’m a bit paranoid, but I definitely believe that there has been a vast left wing conspiracy afoot in the mainstream media for some time now. Now, if you all will bear with me, I believe that I can prove to you beyond a shadow of a doubt that I am right.                                                                                                                                                                            A few of nights ago, I was watching the O’Reilly Factor | Read More »

    Red State Weekly Political Update for Period Ending March 20, 2009

    Key Political Developments Senate Update Ohio: A new Quinnipiac University poll shows a wide open US Senate race in the Buckeye State. Lt. Gov. Lee Fisher (D) leads former Bush Budget Director Rob Portman 41-33% in the large sample poll (1,299 respondents), conducted from March 10-15. Portman trails Jennifer Brunner (D), the very partisan Ohio Secretary of State, 39-34%. Meanwhile, the same survey shows Gov. | Read More »

    GOP Members of Congress are slow to learn

    The idea that the House would even think of targeting a specific group of people with a crushing 90% tax is unsettling.  Not only is this unconstitutional but it is demoralizing beyond measure. But further, it is purely inexcusable that a single Republican voted yes for this measure. The name of every GOP congressman who voted for this bill should be posted on this site so | Read More »

    Organizing the Grassroots

    As of February 24, according to Wikipedia, there are 254 Democrats and 178 Republicans in the House of Representatives, with 3 vacant seats. Not being a prophet, I won’t predict who wins, because for the purposes of this rant, it doesn’t matter. (Actually, I think Republicans will get at least one of the seats. Again, I didn’t come here to talk about these elections.) As | Read More »

    The Republicans and the P3 Gap

    Philosophy – Policy – Politics. Philosophy – things like honoring the Constitution, personal freedom, liberty, smaller government, lower taxes, strong national defense. Policy – We are reducing tax brackets, cutting payroll taxes, eliminating the Department of Commerce, deploying missile defense and securing the border as examples. Politics – creating “on the ground” movement and message that will win elections. Rush and people like Mark Levin are | Read More »


    Chesley Sullenberger is not “Cool”.

    Don’t get me wrong, I would crawl uphill, on my hands and knees, on broken glass, in order to shake the man’s hand. Captain Sullenberger is, after all, the heroic pilot of flight 1549 whose amazing landing in the Hudson River, after a bird strike, managed to save the lives of all 150 passengers on board. But, he’s not cool–at least not according to the | Read More »

    What does it take?

    The last week has been one of consternation and frustration I suspect for many here on RedState.  After seeing some spine starting to develop in Congress I kept thinking… What can we do to keep the pressure on the chosen people who represent us in DC (and in our respective states).  Well, then it hit me. I hope you enjoy the following commentary on how | Read More »

    This is how we win in 2010 and the only way we win….

    On January 4, 2007, history was made in the United State.  The first woman was sworn in as Speaker Of The House of Representatives, Nancy Pelosi.  On this day in history or herstory as she likes to point out the following was true. The Dow Jones Average was 12,398.01 (1/5/07) Nasdaq was 2,504.65 Unemployment was 5% The National Debt was 7% of GDP On January | Read More »


    Take a look at the picture below: (Click to enlarge) This is a map of the relationship network of Congressional members who are on Twitter. It’s pretty easy to look at this map and get really pumped up: The Republicans “win”. The problem is that GOP dominance of Twitter doesn’t mean anything if it doesn’t add up to votes. This map (and I guarantee, the | Read More »