The Main Stream News Media and Consequences of Behavior

    In the current day and age we live in, politically we live in a damaged landscape. In the wake of the 2008 election, the devastation is fairly extensive in contrast to what we had before the end of the 1960’s. You might be asking yourself what I am talking about in respects to devastation. We all have known for some time that since the days | Read More »

    We need a better primary system

    I don’t get it. Why should Iowa & New Hampshire be allowed to exert such a huge influence on the selection of Presidential Candidates? What makes these two states so special? Why do all the other states acquiesece to this travesty ? Who selected the people of Iowa and New Hampshire as the official arbiters of the selection of our potential presidents? We all know | Read More »

    Alaska is Doomed…or maybe not

    I did some number crunching last night on the Alaska Senate race looking at where the remaining absentee ballots are vs the votes in the respective Alaska State House Districts and discovered much to my surprise that based on where the remaining 25,000 absentee ballots are located, there are more R leaning Districts than D. There are 5 ‘regions’ in the state and of those | Read More »

    Why do we bother with recounts?

    When looking at elections we often have “mandatory recounts” that are triggered in a close race. Now, I’m all for ensuring that all ballots are counted and that priovisional or otherwise questionable votes are given the consideration they are due. What I don’t understand is this fetish for recounts “to be fair”. There is nothing special about recounts – they’re simply another count of the | Read More »

    And The Winner Is–Maureen Dowd!

    OK, it’s official. Maureen Dowd is the worst New York Times op-ed columnist of the 2008 election year. Folks, that’s a big accomplishment because, as you all know, she had some pretty stiff competition from the likes of Frank Rich, Bob Herbert, and Nicholas Kristof. So, without further delay, please allow me to explain exactly what Maureen Dowd did to merit her award. First of | Read More »

    We have not yet begun to fight

    Join the forces of 57 million Americans and counting.*Capitalists won’t surrender their capital, *Militias won’t surrender their guns, *Christians won’t surrender their faith, *Speakers won’t surrender their speech. A “rebel yell” or “a call to action” will not come from the command of a leader. It will come from the sound of the 1st attack made against any of these freedoms. Freedom wants you! 57 | Read More »

    Why aren’t YOU serving your community?

    With all the fuss over the presidential election, and the House and Senate, I think we are losing sight of the reality that Sarah Palin should have called to our attention. All over the country, in EVERY SINGLE jurisdiction in America, there are places to serve. Not just volunteer, not just talk, stuff envelopes, SERVE. Some examples: for two years, I was on the Economic | Read More »

    Obama’s 2008 Victory in Perspective

    It’s going to happen, and we all know it: after two close elections, some Democrats are going to claim that Obama’s margin of victory over John McCain was a large, overwhelming repudiation of the Republican party, and that it was possibly even a historical turning point of partisan political realignment. There’s just one problem with that theory: It’s not true.

    Taking Stock

    Well, before we start all the recriminations and the strategerizing, or even the post-mortems, lets just look at what we’re left with; what do we hold from which to plan a return? The picture here this morning looks surprisingly like the picture in the aftermath of the 1992 election. Senator Obama appears to have won the popular vote by about five points – it will | Read More »


    I want to start off this morning by acknowledging Barack Obama’s moment in history. His victory is not to be demeaned or degraded. America spoke clearly and it said it wanted change and was not happy with its current economic situation. It is okay to be discouraged, frustrated and even scared a little given President Elect Obama’s past legislative history and Constitutional beliefs.

    Open Thread: I Hate America

    If you don’t elect Barack Obama as your next president. Millions of irrelevant foreigners are crowding the internet to pledge their support for Barack Obama. Good thing they will never vote in this election or elections in the future. The fact of the matter is that many Europeans and others in the world are simply clueless when it comes to American voting methods and what | Read More »

    McCain’s Faltering

    The faltering that occurred by the McCain campaign was the lack of focus on the top-level philosophical differention between himself and Obama. It would have made so much sense to explain how his life experience led to his philosophy and then briefly how that affects his policy mind-set (and his oppenent’s philosophy/policy. The focus on policy-only is backwards, easily mired, and too easy to argue | Read More »


    Denying that ‘race’ is the focal point of this election will not alter the results. One can see it on the faces and in the attitudes of the Africans. Their swagger has become more dominant, especially when among other Africans. The air is thick with a subtle disdain for anyone not an African. The Africans are in need of a ‘leader’. Jesse and Al have | Read More »

    Mock Election At My Sons’ Schools

    Well all of the schools that my sons go to held mock presidential elections today. I’ve one son in elementary, one son in middle school and one son in high school. In the middle school it was 2 to 1 in favor of Obama, and in the High School it was 3 to 2 in Obama’s favor. In the elementary school contest the vote was | Read More »

    Voter’s Remorse

    Everyone at one time or another has experienced “buyer’s remorse”. I know I have on more than one occasion. Today I was volunteering at the Texas Republican Headquarters calling voters that were registered as Republicans. We were asking if they had already voted, if they needed assistance in getting to the polls or if there were any questions we could answer for them. Twice I | Read More »