Guarded optimism

    Okay, so between the late breaking coal scandal and McCain’s momentum, this could pan out. On, the most reliable pollster for my money, McCain has a lock on 160 electoral votes, while Obama is locked on 260. Now, 21 of those 260 were PA, which dipped down to a 3-4 point lead this week, came up to 6, and has not been polled since | Read More »

    Election Preview: McCain Faces Uphill But Winnable Battle

    With just more than two weeks left before the November 4th presidential elections, political junkies are just entering their favorite time of year. The constant checks of the various polls, taken state by state, and website after website offering each of us an opportunity to create our own electoral map — establishing the permutations under which our candidate will reach that all-important 270 electoral votes. | Read More »

    The One and Only Flynn

    Where the heck are you, bro? How am I supposed to know where the electoral map stands without you?

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    Road to 270 requires FL & OH…McCain needs to be there

    No matter what national polls are saying, the presidency is won by electoral votes, and to get to 270, there are two states McCain has to have in his column: Florida and Ohio. (yes, there are other battleground states he needs also, but without FL and OH, it ain’t happening). So…okay, I can see him in Virginia. Important state – not as important as Florida | Read More »

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    The Electoral College – Unnecessary Anachronism?

    In 1787 the Constitutional Convention approved the electoral college proposal. This system was created to put some distance between the masses and the levers of electoral power. This hybrid system preserves some measure of power to the several states in that they are viewed as distinct units, not merely arbitrary borders that contain population centers. As such, a candidate focuses on the state’s interests as | Read More »

    Can Obama lose popular vote, yet win Electoral College?

    Dems are positively giddy about the prospect of winning a squeaker in the Electoral College, whilst losing the actual popular vote. Posters on Kos were discussing this as “revenge” for the 2000 Electoral College outcome. The most recent “poll of polls” shows McCain up bu a point or two in the general election. However, RCP shows that were the election held today, Obama would secure | Read More »

    Leaning States

    According to the Rasmussen Daily Tracking McCain has a slight lead over Obama in the Electoral College, 200 to 193 respectivly. This is for solid partisan states only if you add states that are leaning one way or the other Obama has a 12 point lead. The interesting thing is that in states like Minnesota, that has been blue since the 1976 election, the gap | Read More »