The Universe Shares Our Pain

    We are not alone in our sadness.

    Will Libertarians Really Vote for Obama?

    My good friends at Reason have taken their quadrennial presidential “poll” of contributors and other libertarians. (I passed on an opportunity to participate.) Of those who would reveal their preference, there were 14 for Obama, 4 for McCain, 13 for Libertarian Bob Barr, and 1 for Ralph Nader. I respect the folks responding to Reason, and many of them I know personally and consider friends. | Read More »

    With friends like this…

    Junior Senator Obama has some auspicious endorsements for his bid for President of the United States.

    Obama Friends, Influences and Endorsements

    This link will give a BIO on Obama’s friends and affiliations endorsing him. Radical and Socialist Influences:Saul AlinskyKhalid Abdullah Tariq al-MansourBill AyersCarl DavidsonFrank Marshall DavisBernardine DohrnJohn L. McKnightDemocratic Socialists of AmericaGamaliel FoundationNew PartySocialist Scholars Conference Political Allies and Advisors:Ali AbunimahMohamed Salim Al-ChurbajiDavid AxelrodJoe BidenGregg CraigJim JohnsonMarilyn KatzAnthony LakeRobert MalleyRaila OdingaAlice PalmerEli PariserGeorge SorosCass SunsteinDorothy TillmanJoyce WheelerTim Wheeler Foundations: Joyce FoundationWoods Fund of Chicago

    Vampires for Ron Paul

    What question could burn more fiercely than this: who are superheros voting for? Does Spiderman back Giuliani? Is Robin just going to vote for whoever Batman votes for? Could George Clooney have sucked any more as Batman? (Not even if he had a vacuum cleaner powered by the LHC.) And most importantly, is Catwoman around? Barely Political investigates: “I honestly can’t make a decision.” Fracking. | Read More »

    Re: Miss USA Endorses Obama: Jeff, Mark for shame

    I mean really picking on Miss South Carolina. She wasn’t involved in this. I plan on offering my services teaching her geography the poor dear sweet child obviously has been hurt having been educated by democrats. Now miss USA, needs lessons in walking. I would be once again be glad to offer her my help.

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