A bold new energy plan

    Sarah Palin is receiving praise from some unusual quarters lately. Some environmental groups are saying positive things about the conservative governor’s announcement of her statewide energy plan, which proposes that 50 percent of Alaska’s power be produced from renewable resources by 2025. Pat Lavin of the National Wildlife Federation described the governor’s announcement as “a defining moment in Alaska’s history.” Alaska Conservation Alliance director Kate Troll characterized | Read More »

    Billions and billions, but it’s all green

    President-elect Barack Obama and the Democrats seem to believe that they can spend their way out of the current economic slump. Their stimulus plan for spreading the wealth around has a $700 Billion price tag, but that’s just a familiar number which is likely to be inflated before they are done tinkering with it. With the taxpayer’s money already committed to bailing out financial institutions, | Read More »

    Problem with “fair share” and “spread the wealth” Obama liberalism

    The runaway spending of Congress very very obviously cannot be counted on to responsibly spend. They have run up a $10,000,000,000,000.00 debt. They spend without accountability and tax us for even special interest and constituency that will get them elected. “Fairness” is about giving each their due. But Congess is not oriented towards giving each their due. Its oriented towards staying elected. That’s the way | Read More »