Oh, Chad…

    This is the guy that every reporter wants to interview because he signed up for Obamacare. https://twitter.com/ChadHenderson/status/385948386664673280 That raised some flags last night. Then, Reason.com added to it. But in an exclusive phone interview this morning with Reason, Chad father’s Bill contradicted virtually every major detail of the story the media can’t get enough of. What’s more, some of the details that Chad has released | Read More »

    A different take on that staggering drop in DPS enrollment

    Cross-posted on Right Michigan at www.RightMichigan.com. (Former Detroit Public School students fleeing the district.) Nearly seventeen-thousand kids left the Detroit Public Schools before the new semester started this month.  Seventeen-thousand.  That unbelievable number easily represents the largest single year dips in enrollment in the history of the school system and could probably go toe-to-toe with any other record of futility in any other public school | Read More »