To Help Fix The Economy

    **A very good conversation we’re having here. I too am dissappointed about the financial / economic situation we’re in. Bush could’ve done more to fix this situation. 1st & foremost, as a part of the recent 700 billion bailout, Bush should’ve insisted on the repeal of the Gramm-Leach-Blilely act, that Clinton signed into law on November 12, 1999. This is the #1 reason as to | Read More »

    Inaugaral rant

    **Greetings, This is my inaugural diary entry. A fitting occasion as we sit and enjoy the Democrats fight and squabble amongst each other. I commented to my son that I thought Obama made a mistake by not giving Hillary an obligatory meeting. I thought a smart move would be to have given Hillary a token look for VP. There is still a lot of hostility | Read More »

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