EPA head to fundraise for DSCC while oil spreads.

    Priorities, folks: priorities.  Apparently Lisa Jackson figures that if Interior Dept CoS Tom Strickland could go white-water rafting while the oil spread, she can go raise money for the Democrats: As the Obama administration struggles to contain the massive oil spill threatening the Louisiana coast, one of its top environmental officials will be the featured attraction at a fundraiser for Senate Democrats next week in | Read More »

    Bureaucrats Know Best

    At the heart of progressive/liberal thought lies the belief that a big government is essential to guarantee true freedom. In the progressive’s bible, The Promise of American Life, Herbert Croly describes the ideal form of government as using “Hamiltonian means”(a powerful central government) to achieve “Jeffersonian ends”(individual liberty). Croly understood that such a centralized government required a modern equivalent of the guardians from Plato’s Republic(a | Read More »

    Cap And Tax… Kerry, Lieberman, Graham Style.

    John ‘Swiftboat’ Kerry. The man who perjured himself in front of Congress to sell out his brothers in arms? That John Kerry? Anything Kerry’s involved with can’t help but be just terrific for the country, right? Then there’s Joe Lieberman. I really admire Lieberman’s unwavering support of the war against terrorism and his steadfast support of the State of Israel. So much so that I | Read More »

    Environmentalism Contaminates Conservationism

    I applaud President Obama’s push for conservation but I am discouraged by those put in place to execute.  This push for conservation is called America’s Great Outdoors Initiative which was signed this month on the 16th.  It’s the largest land bill initiative since the days of FDR.  Good stewardship of our land is vital.  While I disregard all notions of man-made global warming, the hunter | Read More »

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    EPA: Mission Creep on Steroids

    Iron Eyes Cody, the faux-Indian of the Keep America Beautiful ad campaign, had a point. In the 1960s, our environment was a mess. I can remember streams full of suds from non-biodegradable detergents. Litter was a big problem everywhere. The air in major cities ranged from blue to grey to brown. There were two high-profile oil spills, one in California and one in Louisiana. The | Read More »


    Obama And The Fish Market Trail – Herring For Sale.

    If it walks like a duck and looks like a duck, if it has webbed feet like a duck… chances are it’s not a lobster. At Barack’s friendly fish market, things aren’t very fresh, especially downwind from his magnanimous, friendly, energy offshore drilling pronouncement. If it looks like week old fish, if it smells like week old fish… Has anyone stopped to wonder why Barack | Read More »

    Obama’s New Drilling Plan: A Combination of Lies and Sleight of Hand

    Today President Obama announced the opening of some off shore sights on the east coast and Alaska. Even though it omits some of our most fertile drilling spots off the West coast and on the Alaskan mainland, most people will celebrate the President’s action. But a closer look at the President’s action shows that Obama “giveth with one hand and taketh away with the other”

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    We’re Taxing Tanning Booths, So Why Not Nail Salons?

    One of the many features of the Health Care Bill that Nancy Pelosi was oh-so-anxious that we boobs find out about is a new 10% tax on tanning services. That one somehow slipped past most Americans as they watched the President’s promised coverage of the health care deliberations on CSPAN. (*Clears throat*) Most “progressive” initiatives have a “Women and Minorities Hardest Hit” angle. This victim-du-jour | Read More »


    They Call This Science?

    The global warming alarmists have been caught lying again, unfortunately, if one wants to find out about “glaciergate” it is necessary to go to British papers. The American press is treating this story just like “climategate”, as far as they are concerned there is nothing to see here. Unlike with climategate, the IPCC is implicated directly in this fraud. They shared the Nobel Peace Prize | Read More »

    Supremes Get One Right: Gut McCain Feingold.

    After one of the WORST activist based decisions in history, that of April 2, 2007, which gave the EPA the power to treat auto CO2 emissions as an environmental issue, the Supreme Court seems to have finally put its robes on straight and actually READ the Constitution they are sworn to abide by. The court struck down major portions of the bill, especially those relating | Read More »

    Obama, The EPA and Jobs

    Obama consistently makes claims that he is concerned with jobs and the economy. On December 3rd the White House held a jobs summit to show the American people just how serious they’re taking the unemployment rate. What came out of the jobs summit you ask? Nothing. But it made for a good 30 second clip on the evening news. Now the EPA is preparing to | Read More »

    Are Enviros Like Watermelons–Green on the Outside, Red on the Inside?

    One week ago, on the same day 192 nations converged on the UN Climate Change Conference in Copenhagen, America’s Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) drove a stake into the ground, declaring carbon emissions its dominion and an “endangerment” to human health.    The coordination of the EPA’s announcement with the opening of the conference was transparent as a political opportunity and it conveyed desperation, likely a | Read More »

    Cramer’s.. er, something or other, XV: “DC can’t hold us down forever”

    I really wonder sometimes if I should just stop trying to figure out Jim Cramer.  Maybe it’s because I keep feeling for the guy getting so brutally taken out of context (his “Bear Stearns is safe” call, for example, was, despite what most people believe, quite correct.  What most people never hear is that he was addressing depositors at Bear with that remark, not investors | Read More »

    Fun Facts About Methane

    On Monday, the EPA moved to regulate six “greenhouse gases” by finding that their contribution to Global Warming constitutes a hazard to human health. One of those gases is methane, the lightest and most abundant hydrocarbon, chemical symbol CH4. This finding by the EPA unmasks an unscientific charade and a regulatory power-grab. U.S. Agency to Regulate Greenhouse Gases The announcement was made late Monday and | Read More »

    Soros, EPA Tagteam America

    George Soros is about to make a mint off his investments in the Democratic party. The benefit of being worth billions is that he could afford to squander millions in his effort to defeat former President Bush in 04 and turn around and spend even more on democrats in 06 and 08. The Obama admistration just made those bets pay off. Big time! Yesterday EPA | Read More »