Obama To Curb Veterans Health Care

    Throughout the course of the 2008 campaign we heard a relentless woof-woof from the Obama campaign of how they were going to take care of veterans and how John McCain, an actual disabled veteran, was going to screw veterans. When McCain proposed allowing veterans to seek treatment outside the VA medical system by using vouchers, a blessing if there ever was one, he was pilloried | Read More »

    A challenge to General Shinseki

    I wrote earlier on the nomination of retired General Eric shinseki to be Secretary of Veterans Affairs, however in today’s Washington Post, former Defense Department spokesperson Lawrence Di Rita does the best job I’ve seen thus far of deflating the Shinseki mythos. Like so much else we’ve seen with this Administration in the area of communications, this comes about 6 years too late to be | Read More »

    The Truth About Eric Shinseki

    Let’s see how people deal with a little reality. By the way, neither the story nor this post should be read as disrespecting General Shinseki. That’s not what this is about. Rather, it is about dispelling the myths that have grown concerning his service as Army Chief of Staff. I realize that many find those myths to be compelling in terms of creating and peddling | Read More »

    Shinseki To Be Secretary of Veterans Affairs

    The wire services are reporting that former Army Chief of Staff, retired General Eric Shinseki will be nominated to be Secretary of Veterans Affairs in the new Obama administration. I’m not a big fan of Shinseki for a number of reasons. The signature events of his tenure as Army Chief of Staff was carrying out a direct attack on the Ranger Regiment by mandating that | Read More »