Red State, we have a problem.

    Red State, we have a problem. I am not a lawyer.  I do, however, wrangle – some of the time, professionally – with digital rights. There are lots of different laws governing what rights we have online, they can vary widely from country to country .. the European ones are particularly nasty, especially around notifications of changes and the right to opt-out from data gathering | Read More »


    Hey folks, lets thank Erick for standing in the line of fire for us!

    Reading Ericks post today, I realized how much nastiness he must put up with on a daily basis.  That is very wearing.  So, to thank him for being willing to step out in front for the good of the country, I’m giving a donation to RedState.  We can’t make the nay sayers shut up, but we can help RedState continue the fight.  How about you | Read More »


    It isn’t enough to FIGHT, we need to WIN

    I’ve been thinking a lot about the current state of our affairs in self government, and the state of our nationwide experiment in being a Constitutional Republic.  I’ve wanted to write this essay for several weeks now; however it has taken much contemplation to pull the different threads together into pattern that can be understood.  I am still unsure if I can do this justice. | Read More »

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    DNC Sends Out Oppo Research About Me to a Berkeley Grad Who Works for a Newspaper That Rooted for the Terrorists in Iraq

    I was a bit annoyed that the reporter working the DNC hit job on me didn’t bother calling me first, but then I read the dude’s bio and just felt sorry for him — the guy’s got the career trajectory of an anvil tossed out of a hot air balloon.In any event, the Democratic National Committee sent out oppo research on me (!!!) to join | Read More »

    Thank you Erick (and probably Neil)!!

    For the past while I could click on a comment or a diary, go brew a cup of coffee – sometimes I could have run to the store, bought coffee, came home and brewed it – come back to my computer and read articles from the Washington Times while waiting for Redstate. And my favorite was writing a detailed comment hitting publish and… well, you | Read More »

    Erick on Hannity and Colmes

    What a shock! About to chow my TV dinner, and I hear Alan say “…and from Red Erick Erickson”, where I promptly spilled gravy on my leg (meat loaf dinner, yum). As I wait for the pain in my leg to subside I’m, waiting for Alan to get slapped verbally. Alan arguing this isn’t a certer-right country.Rick Santorum (nice to see him again) is | Read More »