NJ Dems finally catch a break …

    The Democrats and their media friends in the state of New Jersey finally have something to celebrate. The Christie Administration finally made a misstep – and a somewhat big one considering the price tag – $400 million of Federal education money. The background is that the state applied for Race To The Top funds and only lost out to Ohio thanks to the failure to | Read More »

    500 errors

    Whats up with all the repeats and internal 500 errors?


    Obama falsely claims to sit on the Senate Banking Committee

    Barack Obama does not sit on the Senate Banking Committee. Not now, not existentially, not in a past life with the Buddha. Something good from McClatchy: Out of bounds! Obama falsely claims to be Banking Committee member. (The “out of bounds” remark refers to the way in which the piece is written, like a football penalty call. I edited that away.) (The quote follows. …)