Did Obama Write a Letter Warning of Fannie/Freddie?

    Below is Obama’s Letter. Do you see any mention of Fannie/Freddie? March 22, 2007 Dear Chairman Bernanke and Secretary Paulson, There is grave concern in low-income communities about a potential coming wave of foreclosures. Because regulators are partly responsible for creating the environment that is leading to rising rates of home foreclosure in the subprime mortgage market, I urge you immediately to convene a homeownership | Read More »

    Rainy Day

    Well I guess this is the rainy day for America. Remember when your momma said:”Son save your nickels for a rainy day.” And you always said – “Sure Mom”.What did you do? You ran down to the store and bought a candy bar.Looks like a lot of American firms in the investment community havebeen buying too many candy bars. Now all they have to show | Read More »

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