Matt Taibbi: Ethicist for the Left

    Apparently just about anyone can get a piece run in a national magazine without a hint of ethical consideration.  Matt Taibbi is the poster boy for the ethical lapse in today’s Party-run media.  He wrote a hit piece for Rolling Stone(ers) magazine and the number of ethical breaches involved in its substance are staggering.  Not only is the piece a stolen relic from another writer | Read More »

    ‘Run…the voters are after us!!!’

    A Nation of Fools by Peary Perry (sign up for new columns at ‘Run…the voters are after us!!!!!’ I suppose I’m just naïve or something, but I always thought being a member of the United States Congress was an honorable position and one we should all look up to for guidance and inspiration. Having said that, I’m of the opinion that those who run | Read More »