VFW spitting on vets!!

    I’m highly pissed off right now after seeing the list of endorsements from the VFW-PAC. In NC, they are endorsing Etheridge, Price, Schuler, and Miller, to name a few. In FL, they are NOT endorsing West nor Rubio VFW-PAC’s lis contact info for VFW-PAC:  202-544-5868 (voicemail currently full) vfwpac@vfw.org H/T to blackfive.net

    Freeze the Target

    In response to the Supreme Court ruling in the Citizens United v FEC, Democrats in Congress have come up with a new way to ensure the power of incumbent Democrats: the DISCLOSE Act. It is designed to make it easier for union thugs to intimidate, vilify, and silence their opposition.

    We should support the Honorable Mr. Etheridge

    There is no question that everyone should gather around the Honorable Mr. Etheridge.  He treated those 2nd class Republicans with the force they deserved.  How dare they accost him on the sidewalk with a camera and not identify themselves? They could have been a student as claimed, or a veteran, or an employee, a patient, an employer, or a voter, or even worse, one of | Read More »


    PhoToon Triple Play: Etheridge Antics Deserve More Than One!

    Somebody stop me! This fool was just too much fun…

    Who are you? Who are you?

    I’m a registered voter. I’m your employer. I’m a veteran. I’m a student. I’m an employee of a private entity. I’m a capitalist. I’m an investor. I’m an independent thinker. I’m a conservative. Mr. Etheridge, I’m your worst nightmare in November of 2010. I’m getting out the voters in 2010. From ColdWarrior http://myvotetote.com ThePrecinctProject

    Etheridge(D-NC) assaults student on street

    http://www.breitbart.tv/congressman-assaults-student-on-washington-sidewalk/ Well overdue for Etheridge to leave the House and this video should be ammunition enough. Renee Ellmers is the Republican candidate for Bob Etheridge’s seat in US House District 2. Her webpage is: http://www.reneeforcongress.com