Nuclear Talks With Iran: What Could The Agenda Be?

    From The Political and Financial Markets Commentator Why Are These Guys Smiling? Coming as little surprise to most logical thinkers, Iran has agreed to talks with the EU on October 1st regarding its nuclear ambitions and ongoing program to enrich uranium. Why wouldn’t the Iranians agree to talks? They understand how the game is played with governments around the world who recognize the dangers they | Read More »

    EU elections demonstrate a rightward shift in Europe

    In elections held June 4th through June 7th in member nations of the European Union, it now appears that conservative parties have won convincing victories over their more left-leaning counterparts. In Germany, Angela Merkel’s Christian Democrats had less support, but so did their rival Social Democrats, who received their lowest electoral support since WWII. In France, Nicolas Sarkozy’s conservative party handily defeated the Socialist party, and | Read More »

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    Pond Scum

    Coming soon to a level of govenment near you, from our friends across the pond.

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    The obligatory “Yet another British MEP unloads on PM Gordon Brown” post

    As I understand it, British MEP Nigel Farage had his own rant aimed squarely at UK Prime Minister Gordon Brown just a few minutes before the sensational dressing down from MEP Daniel Hannen began. The word “devalued” also features prominently: With all of the attention Hannen got, Nigel must be feeling a little under appreciated!

    EU: Obama has U.S. on the road to hell

    The Telegrah reports: Mirek Topolanek, who is running the EU presidency despite the collapse of his government in the Czech Republic on Tuesday, highlighted European splits over the fiscal stimulus plans promoted by President Obama… Mr Topolanek warned the European Parliament that the Obama administration’s stimulus package and financial bail-out “will undermine the stability of the global financial market”. “All of these steps, these combinations | Read More »

    Czech president compares EU to Soviet Union

    Cross posted to The Political Class. Buy that man a beer! BRUSSELS – The European Union has turned into an undemocratic and elitist project comparable to the Communist dictatorships of eastern Europe that forbade alternative thinking, Czech President Vaclav Klaus told the European Parliament on Thursday. Klaus, whose country now holds the rotating EU presidency, set out a scathing attack on the EU project and | Read More »

    AGW-denier set to be next EU president

    h/t Herald Tribune The Czech Republic is set to occupy the rotating European Union presidency. The current Czech president is one Vaclav Klaus, a trained economist in the Milton Friedman camp. He has a colorful and controversial political history, being a known dissident under Soviet rule, involved in the Velvet Revolution, and sometimes scandal-ridden. He’s considered center-right, and is a bitter rival with national hero | Read More »

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    Dark Clouds Ahead

    British Prime Minister Gordon Brown called it cross border governance, French president Nicholas Sarkozy sent a stern demand for serious talks of increased regulations within the global financial sphere. He also demanded several meetings of the G8 and G20 nations tomorrow as well as the future. No this isn’t tea time with France and Great Britain, this is something far worse and apparently something thought | Read More »

    BREAKING: Obama aide contradicts Polish statement on defense commitment.

    The only mitigating factor here is that the aide is contradicting the head of state, not the head of the Polish government. So there may be a retreat on this. If not… well. Obama denies Poland missile vow US President-elect Barack Obama has not given a commitment to go ahead with plans to build part of a US missile defence system in Poland, an aide | Read More »

    Our allies prepare for Obama’s damaging economic policies

    This morning’s WSJ notes an agreement between Canadian Prime Minister Stephen Harper and French President (and rotating EU President) Nicolas Sarkozy to expand trade relations: Prime Minister Stephen Harper and President Nicolas Sarkozy of France signed an agreement Friday to begin negotiations for a free trade pact between Canada and the European Union. A Canada-EU study released last week outlines the joint economic benefits of | Read More »

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