President Gumby, Grow A Pair

    Last night, I happened upon this story that describes how “European prosecutors are likely to investigate CIA and Bush administration officials on suspicion of violating an international ban on torture if they are not held legally accountable at home…”  Now I knew before this whole incident that Obama wasn’t exactly the kind of guy to keep his word, and that’s putting it kindly.  I was still shocked, | Read More »

    We Shouldn’t Hate Europeans

    Let any bad thing befall the United States of America and its people, and you pretty much count on a cheering section to emerge. Yes, Osama Bin Ladin, “Pooty-Poot” and Ahmadinejad all enjoy watching Americans dying in lakes of fire and blood. Also, and much more obnoxiously, so does much of Western Europe. Not that we haven’t ever given up blood and treasure to pull | Read More »