Palin and The Media

    As issues at the office have kept me away from the blogosphere for the last week or so, I’ve been literally itching to get back to the keyboard and talk about what’s going on in the presidential race. The treatment of Governor Palin by the mainstream press has been nothing short of dispicable, to say nothing of the treatment she’s getting from our illustrious opponents | Read More »

    Yes, we really want to go there.

    That title is in response to this unintentionally hilarious Open Left article (“Do They Really Want To Go There?”], which starts off with explicitly comparing – complete with pictures – Governor Sarah Palin to George Wallace (not-dumb of them, except that Wallace was a Democrat) and Pontius Pilate (dumb of them), and Senator Barack Obama to Reverend Martin Luther King, Jr (smart of them, except | Read More »

    Obama’s Team is Delusional about Evangelicals

    I posted back on June 19th that Obama was wrong in thinking he had a chance to win Mississippi in November because his argument was based on false facts. He claimed that Mississippi was 40% black but only voted as 25% of the population. This was his rationale for putting the state in play; if he could just get African Americans to vote their proportion | Read More »

    Evangelicals Actually Lean More Republican Than in 2004

    This morning’s Washington Post will have another long piece about how Obama is reaching out across traditional political boundaries (he’s so brave!) in an attempt to snag conservative evangelicals, particularly young ones, many of whom still fall in the idjit voter demographic.Of course, any close inspection of the actual facts on hand – as opposed to just the lovely sight of sparkling anecdotes, so fresh | Read More »

    The Evangelical Vote of 2008

    In 2004 they went overwhelmingly for George Bush over John Kerry. In the 1990s Clinton got 40-45%. This time around Evangelicals are up for grabs; or are they? And if they aren’t then why aren’t they? I consider myself a Christian, I accepted Jesus as my lord and savior, I’ve read the bible, I pray before I rest my head; the whole deal, but this | Read More »

    The Evangelical case against Mitt Romney

    The Washington Times is reporting that various Evangelical leaders are imploring John McCain not to select former Massachusetts governor Mitt Romney as his running mate on the 2008 Republican Presidential ticket. There are three main reasons for this, neither of which I am particularly fond of.

    Dobson moments vs. Evangelical Election Days

    Evangelicals have been the most loyal GOP voters since Ronald Reagan brought them into the party in droves in 1980. They left their previous apathy or Democratic Party allegiance to vote for Republicans based on issues, not instructions from media appointed “leaders.”Given that, I was quite amused at all the teeth gnashing by certain libertarian and/or secular leaning conservatives last winter when Dr. James Dobson | Read More »

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