George Soros Group Attacking Sarah Palin Again

    I’ve written before about some of the connections between the groups attacking Sarah Palin and both George Soros and Barack Obama. They are all intertwined. And as Soros’ group famously said after the 2004 presidential election, regarding the democrat party: “It’s ours, we paid for it!” MoveOn came into being during the Clinton/Lewinsky scandal that saw President Clinton impeached for lying under oath during | Read More »

    Google as of 9:25 EST this morning

    No mention of Independence Day? Typical.  But I’ll give it until tomorrow, as today is actually July 3rd.  By the way, have we been attacked by aliens yet?

    Peck’s evil and Obama’s narcissism

    (note: skip halfway down this lengthy entry to “Political Implications” for the application to Obama) WAS reading the Wikipedia entry on psychiatrist M. Scott Peck the other day and imbibed of this well-written and fascinating exposition of Peck’s writings on the subject of evil: Evil Peck discusses evil in his book People of The Lie: The Hope For Healing Human Evil. Peck characterizes evil as | Read More »

    The Campaign To Bankrupt The Palin Family

    From just September till now, Sarah Palin has accumulated a personal dept of over $500,000 in legal fees defending herself against fake/false/frivolous ethics charges. That’s Five Hundred Thousand Dollars. A group of Alaska liberals, with the apparent cooperation of members of the Alaska Democratic Party have been filing ethics charge after ethics charge against Sarah Palin. The aim? Not to get her impeached and booted | Read More »

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    The Faith Of Warriors

    cross posted at : As Americans, we take our many blessings for granted. Sure, many of us are worried about the economy, our jobs the course we are on. Thankfully, none of us fears a Foreign enemy. Yes I know we have to be diligent and guard against terrorism, but the reality is we have not been attacked on our soil since 9/11. All of | Read More »

    Thank God for the Atom Bomb

    So, who’s side is God on? Military intelligence: Iran halfway to first nuclear bomb Thank God for the Atom Bomb

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    Already unhinged, unglued, frothing…

    I see the Photoshopped photo of McCain and read the vile vitriol vomiting from the pens of the Obamatrons and wonder if I will make it to Election Day. Oh, “grow a pair” as even fifth-graders are probably saying now to their teachers, you’ll say, but we are in a desperate struggle here! This is my 11th presidential election and it’s never been so nasty | Read More »

    Baby, Baby Don’t Depend On Me

    Baby, you still got life’s look in your eyes. But, you don’t worry me. If Mom ain’t ready for no family ties, you won’t punish her baby. Just go out quiet babe, or die in the laundry. Baby, baby, don’t depend on me. Baby, baby, don’t depend on me. ‘Cause I won’t punish mom with a baby. Baby, baby, don’t depend on me. Babe, your | Read More »

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