Why America is Exceptional

    The United States is the most dynamic and powerful nation in world history.  No major issue of global peace or stability can be resolved without involvement by the United States.  This state of affairs did not occur by accident.  It is testimony of the exceptional nature of this land and its people. To be an American is to be different from other nationalities. From colonial times through the | Read More »

    I am Exceptional

    Richard Cohen, of the Washington Post writes a convoluted article where he rails against the concept of American Exceptionalism (you can find it here).  In it, Mr. Cohen suggests that America is in decline and that we should be a nation of compromise to fix our woes.  Why should America compromise?  I suggest that we are in decline because of a failure to stay true | Read More »

    What happened to America’s Can-Do Spirit?

    I’m referring to the spirit that John Wayne personified when he played a character based on the life of Red Adair (the legendary oil well firefighter) in the 1948 film Hellfighters? Throughout our history Americans have always considered this nation exceptional, there is no problem we can’t solve, no goal we can’t achieve. That’s why it was so troubling to see the leader of the | Read More »

    The Secret To Amereican Excetionalism

    I’m an American. I still believe in American exceptionalism, but perhaps now more than ever, I have come to understand that exceptionalism is not a result of merit … but grace. I came to that conclusion after honestly asking myself: Are we smarter than the Romans, who built a republic thousands of years ahead of us; more brilliant than the Germans, from whom we developed our rocket and space technology; better than the Brits, who were one of the largest empires ever built, or more tenacious than the Russians, who stopped the Germans in WW II? I doubt it.

    So, what made America exceptional? Certainly, at the time of the revolution it was not our military or financial prowess. Exceptionalism did not rest in the hands of the Continental Congress, who were as feckless as any deliberative body ever assembled. The case could be made that Washington was exceptional, yet he lost battle after battle, almost to the point of mutiny among his men and top generals.

    What, then, was that spark that set this nation apart from all others on earth? Sure, we have an abundance of natural resources: land, warm water ports, and so much more; still, I believe, to accurately define exceptionalism, one must look to the words of the Declaration of independence.

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    Great Expectations

    “Is this a great country, or what?” This expression is used by comedians and pundits as a punch line to an endless array of stories that show the slight wackiness of the way things work in this country — things like high school dropouts that become millionaires, or  movie stars and celebrities that do absolutely senseless things and get away with them. But the fact | Read More »

    John Holdren. Science Czar. Exceptionalism Denialist.

    You might remember John Holdren from a previous post – one where it was noticed that the man was on the record as considering the government to have the right to force a woman to not have a baby. As I recall, it was loudly and repetitively declared at the time that thirty years was plenty of time for Holdren to modify his extremist, anti-choice | Read More »