Did I just step into “Bizarro RedState”?

    I am in the middle of a big company re-org and I cannot dedicate the time I would like to dedicate to RedState. But I do come back and post every now and then and lately, I have seen a lot of interest in McCain nominating a woman VP to (quote) “get the woman’s vote” or to “get Hillary’s disheartened supporters.” And especially has the | Read More »

    Confession good for the Soul

    They say that confession is good for the soul. Barack Obama’s selection of Joe Biden to be his running mate, I refuse to say Vice President, because Barack is STILL, not going to win. Biden being chosen is a confession by the presumptive nominee for the Democrats to his lack of experience in the area of foreign policy and military affairs.It is about time he | Read More »

    Obama’s Trip Around The World – Short and Simple Version

    **Two (2) reasons John McCain’s opponent has decided to take a trip around the world:Free media coverageA crash course in foreign affairsThe free media to its disgrace IS working.With regards to John McCain’s opponent’s understanding and experience of foreign affairs, it remains where it has always been – NONE. Many are in denial of the dire and critical threats upon our nation in one of | Read More »

    Qualifications For President and Commander-in-Chief

    John McCainOver forty years serving a country he was willing to give his life for.Demonstrated leadership skills by virtue of commanding the largest Aircraft Attack Squadron in the Navy during the Vietnam war.Experienced in Military tactical operations.Knows first hand the horrors of war that will guide him through difficult decisions before sending our young American warriors into harm’s way.Extensive foriegn affairs experience.A long history of | Read More »

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