Get Ready for a Trade War

    If nothing else, the Great Depression proved very instructive. Plenty of commentators and analysts learned one of its important lessons: protectionist policies are only likely to deepen and worsen an economic slowdown. One person who’s given no indication that he’s learned the lesson is Barack Obama, but we can at least hope that his protectionist talk was nothing more than campaign rhetoric. That said, it | Read More »

    Foreign Trade, John McCain, and Barack Obama

    First off: a heartfelt Happy Anniversary and best wishes for continued success to RedState’s good friend Rush Limbaugh. The headline from yesterday’s advance estimate of second-quarter GDP was that the US economy grew at an annual rate of 1.9 percent in Q2. This was disappointing news because private forecasters had been expecting a number well above 2%. Additionally, growth in each of the past three | Read More »