Obama cancels Yemeni apology tour as Carter issues Christmas apology to Jews

    Its a rare week when one liberal Democrat, much less two, get apologies right Former President Jimmy Carter is a Christian. In fact, he is one of the most famous, publicly declared, Bible-believing Christians of the 20th Century. Sadly, despite his great work in accommodating the Camp David accords between Egypt and Israel, he had become a stereotypical charicature from many centuries past of a | Read More »

    ExpostfactObamalism war and jobs admissions

    ObamaDems don’t care about winning wars, honoring the troops, deterring terrorists, creating non-government jobs or allowing anyone to secure a loan in this country without their prior approval. This is the first in a series, focusing on the governing concept of President Barack Obama that we identified early in his Administration and dubbed “expostfactObamalism”, due to ObamaDems’ attempts last Spring, to retroactively tax AIG-bonuses at | Read More »

    Post-911 truth for 911-Truthers

    911 My morning walk in downtown Covington, Georgia brought me into a laundromat to see pictures of the a burning World Trade Center tower that I had just heard reported on 750 WSB-AM had been slammed into by an airplane. Staring at the small dusty television above the front-loading washers, I saw a second plane strike the remaining Tower. My first thoughts were of the | Read More »