Master carpenters of the left

    If the road to Hades is indeed paved with good intentions, then many of the homes of Fairway Oaks must certainly be the houses from hell. In one of those jobs that Americana won’t take, the Times of London reports that the Habitat for Humanity houses that former President Jimmy Carter and some of his Hollywood homeboys nailed together in Florida just eight years ago | Read More »

    An advertiser’s eye view into the election

    Internet advertisers like to come up with hot button things that people want to click on. Money, sex, and politics all work. Well, what do advertisers think people will react to? What two people get the electorate excited? What race has people anxious? If you think McCain and Obama, you’re wrong. From Failblog: Best VP pick in my lifetime, and that says something given Cheney.

    Andrew Sullivan epic fail (again)

    We see today that Andrew Sullivan has experienced another Palingasim over the potential for some seedy detail about what a horrible person Gov. Palin is and if elected to the Vice Presidency will damage the American nation to its’ very foundation. Todd Palin’s former business partner files an emergency motion to have his divorce papers sealed. Oh God. –Andrew Sullivan 9/5/2008, The daily Dish. Apparently, | Read More »

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