Mr. Bush, Please, Keep Quiet

    There is no debate from me on the subject of wanting Obama to fail. Heck, I want Obama to become the poster child for failblog. Inversely I still like George Bush; I would hang out with the man because I’m sure it would be fun. But when it comes to speaking about Obama, George, please shut your trap. Former President George W. Bush, making his | Read More »

    I can’t even do better than “Wall Fail.”

    There are times when you just don’t waste people’s time with commentary. see more pwn and owned pictures Fail Blog This is one of those times.

    An advertiser’s eye view into the election

    Internet advertisers like to come up with hot button things that people want to click on. Money, sex, and politics all work. Well, what do advertisers think people will react to? What two people get the electorate excited? What race has people anxious? If you think McCain and Obama, you’re wrong. From Failblog: Best VP pick in my lifetime, and that says something given Cheney.