The Threshold of a Reckoning (Redux)

    Amid the current unravelling of a policy, a law, a political philosophy, and an entire presidential administration, I once again return to the Ntrepid archives (1a) and look back on the eve of Mr. Obama’s re-election. (Unfortunately, the term “unravelling” denotes a certain permanence that I in no way believe a grudgingly focused, limited media spotlight and a fickle electorate will support. However, I can | Read More »

    Somewhat Wiser Than Before…

    Settle in, this might take a while… Recent headlines of note: Aides Debated Obama Health-Care Coverage Promise – Behind the Scenes, White House Officials Worried About Insurance Pledge (1) and A Dishonest Presidency (2). Both articles are worth reading, not so much for the exposure of a lie that has been obvious to all but the legally brain dead and two time Obama voters from the | Read More »

    Still the Smallest of Men…

    Who would have ever guessed that it would be John Kerry, of all people, who would raise the bar so publically, and unintentionally (I think), in my little game by introducing the term “unbelievably small” into the lexicon surrounding this embarrassment of and administration. I think that one is going to stick with them for quite some time. Just over a year ago I noted | Read More »

    “…an activist merely mimicking the mannerisms of an intellectual”

    Several months ago I flagged an Instapundit quote about the President and his team that may prove even more insightful in the coming days: “He hasn’t had a lot of practice dealing with criticism and frustration. And — judging by the whole constellation of actions coming out of his operation — they know something I don’t that’s got them genuinely nervous.” (5) That was in | Read More »

    The Smallest of Men…

    […and really just a reason to post a few jabs that make me giggle at the expense of the most powerful “man” on Earth] If memory serves, it was still relatively early in 2009 when comments were made on the Hugh Hewitt radio show to the effect that “no incoming President is as big as the office he is entering but most grow into it…and | Read More »

    Portrait of a Failed President

    Many had great hopes for this man, that he was going to be a leader; make intelligent informed decisions and lead this country as it should be led. I am not one of those, although there a millions who still think that way. A statement made today by this leader of the most powerful nation in the world has only confirmed my suspicions about is | Read More »