Duelling Drilling Decisions

    Tears filled my eyes @ 11:10p.m. EDT tonight as a nation rallied behind a NATIONAL rescue effort in Copiapo, Chile. Chilean President Sebastian Pinera put himself front and center of this mine collapse disaster, marshalling every possible resource to effect this rescue. National and international resources responded to the call for help without every having given the thought of not responding and giving their very | Read More »

    Will Republicans have the stones to put Uncle Sam in the unemployment line?

    The federal government is big, unwieldy and incompetent. Is there something about large organizations that by definition make them incapable of operating effectively and efficiently? No. Wal-Mart is the largest private employer in the United States and one of the largest in the world. It employs 1.8 million Americans and another quarter of a million people in countries from China to Argentina to the United | Read More »

    No-Recovery Summer?

    I was perusing The Foundry over the weekend, and this blog entry by J.D. Foster really stood out. It is timely, the subject matter is ready-made for the mid-terms, it can be condensed into powerful campaign material, it’s accurate and informative, it leaves no wiggle-room, and it is brief. Plus, it has a nifty graph. The Obama Administration announced “Recovery Summer” in June to highlight | Read More »

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    The Oil Spill Response: Massive Incompetence, or Intentional Negligence?

    The administration is in a terrible bind when it comes to the gulf oil spill.  They are being accused of either gross incompetence, or intentionally letting this disaster grow worse in order to push an environmental agenda.  I can’t see any president wanting either to stick.  But, that’s the political quicksand in which they are mired.  They’re trying to distract from it-attempting to let the | Read More »

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    A Possible 52 Senate Seats for Republicans in 2010?

    As this piece by the American Thinker points out, it’s entirely possible that the Republicans could have 52 votes in the Senate come 2010. That’s a gain of 11 seats, added on to the 41 we now have since Brown won. Good quote: Moreover, [Dan] Coats’s decision to run this year [for Evan Bayh’s seat] is an example of the great vulnerability that Democrats face | Read More »

    Obama as a Product of a Failed Education System

    Howdy, folks!  This is my first diary here on RedState, I hope you like it. Moe Lane this morning posted a belief that Obama is getting bored as shown through his record in office and through his statements.  I agree that this might be the case, but I wish to offer up another possible explanation.  I think that the malignantly awful public school system here | Read More »

    Depression turns to anger.

    We told people this would happen.  We (half of the country) warned that Obama would fail as a President.  Now the other half realizes we were right, but unfortunately they are 15 months too late. The severe backlash has already begun, and there’s likely nothing that Obama’s posse can do to stop it.  While I am grimly satisfied that the national horsewhipping of liberals in | Read More »

    So long Postal Service, It’s been real

    To: the U.S. Postal Service So long, and thanks for the fish. Seems other carriers are doing just fine. They are not asking for handouts from the tax payer, and they deliver on weekends. Perhaps the paradigm of over paid, low output union workers is once again showing it’s true value to the American people. Even with a U.S. Government protected monopoly, the Postal Service | Read More »

    Our Embarrassment – Barack Obama

    It is nearly a year since the frenzy of the November 2008 election. The results did not turn out the way conservatives and Republicans had hoped. With that said it means that the Democrats won the election, or did they? America has made mistakes in choosing a leader in the past and we most certainly will in the future. I had stated repeatedly during the | Read More »

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    Southpark Bailout

    Stan finally figures out how the current administration Treasury Department works. I don’t know why I have tears in my eyes. Maybe because I laughed my ass watching the video? Or maybe because the truth in the video is so sad?

    The Man Who Would Be King Starts to Bleed

    Well, well, well. Now that Captain Cowpatty’s manure is starting to stink up the place and the American people have decided it is starting to smell a hell of a lot like socialism, his poll numbers are dropping. Polling data show that Mr. Obama’s approval rating is dropping and is below where George W. Bush was in an analogous period in 2001. Rasmussen Reports data | Read More »

    I Want Failure

    Almost everyone else seems to be afraid to say it, because the media and everyone else will excoriate them for it.  Everyone should want to “work together” and be “bipartisan.” Horse hockey. So I’ll say it:  “I want President Obama to fail.” Does this mean I want total economic failure, massive unemployment, deflation, layoffs and starvation? Quite the opposite. I want Mr. Obama to fail | Read More »

    Government in action. And on health care too…

    Even cynical old me found this one hard to believe.  It concerns health care for prison inmates in California. Let me note here that I’ve been involved as a volunteer with several Christian prison ministry organizations, most notably Prison Fellowship, over a 25 year period and have been in jails and prisons in New Hampshire, Massachusetts, Delaware, New Mexico and Arizona.  I’ve been in facilities | Read More »


    Obama’s DTV delay dies in the House, thanks to Republicans

    President Obama wants to delay the long-announced, long-planned, long-desired-by-first-responders transition from analog to digital television broadcasts. By replacing the old, large-bandwidth-consuming NTSC standard with the new, sharper, narrow-bandwidth ATSC, we create lots of room in the radio spectrum for other broadcasts, including those by firefighters, police, and other public safety workers. However Obama wants to delay it for a few months, claiming that people aren’t | Read More »

    The New York Times will work for food

    Maybe we could offer to lend them cardboard boxes for shelter. The Old, Gray Drunk Lady has run out of money and is running out of options to remain solvent: The New York Times Company plans to borrow up to $225 million against its mid-Manhattan headquarters building, to ease a potential cash flow squeeze as the company grapples with tighter credit and shrinking profits. [ | Read More »