Michigan Fake Tea Party Over

    The Michigan drama involving the Fake Tea Party has been brought to a close.  The Michigan Appeals Court has denied the donkeys their pet distraction.  From the Detroit News: “In light of the plaintiff’s failure to strictly comply with the requirements (of state election law), plaintiff fails to establish a clear legal duty on the part of the defendant to certify the petition,” the court | Read More »

    Fake Tea Flushed In Michigan

    The fake tea party in Michigan has been dealt a pretty serious blow, and will have to pursue its ambition to deceive voters by taking its case to court, represented by one Michael Hodge.  Michigan Capitol Confidential reports: Mark Steffek, the man who formed The Tea Party and was described by the Detroit Free Press as a former union steward, was not present. However, dozens | Read More »

    So incredibly BUSTED.

    Fake is one thing, but possible criminal fraud is another thing entirely. One of the five candidates for the Michigan Secretary of State positions has announced today that she has discovered one of the fake tea candidates did not even know he was on the ballot. Ohhhh.. Snaap. In a late afternoon press release, Ruth Johnson, a clerk for Oakland county discusses an issue with | Read More »

    The Michigan GOP Gets It.

    There has been no question the Tea Party activity has had REAL effect in several elections already. There has been no question that a singular point, in the manner of a third party would be counter productive to conservatives and tea party attendee goals. So there was SOME question as to why the MSM might commission a study that would indicate 23% of the folks | Read More »