Free Speech and Criticism of Religion

    Boy! That was a knee-slapper. The REVERAND Jerry Falwell getting drunk and just a-wailin’ on his momma in the outhouse. Larry Flynt made him look sillier than Sheriff Ros-cooo P. Coltrane. It just doesn’t get any funnier than that.*

    That was free speech, not libel. In Falwell v. Hustler Magazine the US Supreme Court told us all how funny and satirical a parody this truly was. French Wiseman Voltaire tells us that we are ruled by those we are not allowed to criticize. I guess we can all lighten up and not worry about the coming religious theocracy. I’m sure Hustler Magazine will be doing a similar parody involving The Prophet Muhammad next month. It worked so well for Salmon Rushdie.**

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    More on Liberty University

    As a current LU graduate student I can shed some light on the University’s position towards the College Democrats.   See the following link to Liberty’s website: Many do not realize the restrictions that exist and the standards enforced to ensure the maintenance of a Christian atmosphere on campus.  Many private colleges have started as “Christian” but today are bastions of postmodern liberal thought. Liberty’s | Read More »