Is the HHS Director Illegally Campaigning … Again?

    Health and Human Services Secretary Kathleen Sebelius has run afoul of the law again, urging companies whose future she controls to donate to do work her agency lacks the funds to do. Congress has asked the Government Accountability Office to investigate. Secretary Sebelius has been shaking down the industry she controls, raising funds for Enroll America, an alliance of community organizers and health sector businesses. This is not | Read More »

    JournoList Getting Their Flirt On

    [h/t itrytobenice and AoS] Funny thing happened on the way to the Tea Party™. Earlier this week, blogger Doug Ross — aka DirectorBlue — noticed, in a 24-hour span, The Curious Case of 200 Nearly Identical Headlines – a whole bunch of stories, all across America, coordinating an all-out media blitz designed to convince you that there is a crisis of uninsuredness – and hoping | Read More »