Your Family, My Family

    Last night while listening to ABC News radio they had on the biographer of Sarah Palin, Kaylene Johnson. At the end of the interview, she commented that the Sarah Palin that you see in public is the same Sarah Palin that you see in private, and that she’s a real woman with a real family. The commentator, after finishing his interview with Johnson, then proceeded | Read More »

    Dragging the family through the mud.

    So I spent my lunch hour today reading about the “utter atrocity” of McCain’s judgment in choosing a running mate with a pregnant 17 year old daughter…I’d seriously like to know if anyone truly chooses who to vote for based on the running mate’s children’s decisions. To all the drama queens out there screaming of McCain’s poor choice in a running mate…were you 17 once? | Read More »

    Why Republican and Why John McCain for Me?

    I am 42 years young, currently unemployed since my wife transfered us here in North Carolina in June of 2008. We have an 8 year old son in the 3rd grade and a 4 year old home with dad currently. Most of my life I lived in a Democratic state in Vermont, yes the state in which the president of the Democratic party is from | Read More »

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