Clean Energy

    “Clean energy” is just a code for “clean us out.”  Money will be phased away, replaced by biodegradable green credits.  I hope they’ll be edible, because that’s all we’ll have left, by the Left.  Energy is a hustle for expansionist government. Fascism always comes from the Left.  First, they infiltrate and fracture the Right, and implode it from within.  Check.  They choke the courts, commandeer | Read More »

    I took a little break.

    Hi: For the past three weeks, I checked out of reality. Went to a music festival in Pennsylvania, took a few days off at home on the golf course and then last weekend, my business partner’s three daughters celebrated their Bat Mizvah’s together and I was honored to be there up in Noo Yawk Sit-tay.  I even wore a suit and tie for the occasion.  | Read More »

    Apology For Just Calling Obama A Marxist

    I have a gnawing need to apologize.  If you know me, I have been exposing Communism and Marxism ideology within our government for years.  I have called the Clintons (both Hill and Bill) communists.  I will not apologize for that since their actions and policies are right from the textbook of communist party practices. However, I do need to apologize for just calling President Obama | Read More »

    A Quiz

    Obama promised a “social revolution” for “remaking” the American people. Do you SUPPORT or OPPOSE? Obama made populist appeals to the middle class (especially the lower middle class) by promising to protect small business and small property owners, while pledging to oppose big business. Do you SUPPORT or OPPOSE? Obama opposes laissez-faire economic policies dominant in the era prior to the recession. Obama wishes to | Read More »

    Rush Limbaugh right again. UAW to get 55% Chrysler ownership and Board Seats. Government gets 10%. Fascism replaces quality as ‘Job #1′. Rush Limbaugh right again. UAW to get 55% Chrysler ownership and Board Seats. Government gets 10%. Fascism replaces quality as ‘Job #1′. Rush Limbaugh has claimed for some time that one of the goals of the Obama Administration is to turn control of the auto industry over to the UAW. It appears that Rush was right as the latest deal has the UAW controlling | Read More »

    Obama Orders GM and MOPAR Out Of NASCAR

    In a stunning move, the Obama White House announced today that GM and Chrysler must end their involvement in NASCAR stock car racing at the end of this season to remain eligible to receive additional financial aid from the government.

    The Fairness Doctrine: Fascism in Action – UPDATE at Bottom

    For fascism to work, there is a step-by-step process implemented to get people to buy into it. Step 1, lie. Melissa McEwan of Shakesville supports the Fairness Doctrine, and is doing what she can to get it reinstated (she wants Congress to do the job, even though politicians would rather keep their hands “clean” and have the FCC do it for them). To promote her | Read More »

    Proposed amendment to the Senate’s stimulus

    (which I am sending to GA Sen. Saxby Chambliss) Every federal taxpayer dollar sent to states and local governments (to get them out of the hole they created) must be matched by $3 in actual cuts at given government’s level.  Get a $1 for every $3 you cut.  Right your ship, cut spending, and move on. If other states and localities are refusing federal bailout | Read More »

    The War on Free Speech Has Begun

    The Democratic Congressional Campaign Committee has created a petition “to show Rush Limbaugh and all of the Republicans what they’re up against if they start attacking President Obama.”  Rush has responded by encouraging folks to leave pro-Limbaugh comments at the petition website. It only took 2 weeks, but the war on free speech has begun.  I for one, am ready for a fight. h/t NewsBusters.

    Book recommendations for the Conservative:

    5000 Year Leap – This is the book that Ronald Reagan felt should be taught in every High School – which idea was squelched by Ted Kennedy. It will help you understand American Free Enterprise. You’ll be able to defend it – you’ll be able to understand and explain why it is that 6 % of the humans on this planet can consistently produce and | Read More »

    The Obama Civilian Militia

    Obama wants to creat a civilian militia. He wants it to be of the same size as the military. What…in the name of God…would he possibly do with his own army?Well, not quite ninety years ago, a few Germans formed a political party with similar aspirations to Obama’s as it’s stated philosophy. They called themselves the NSDAP. They too created a civilian militia, known to | Read More »

    A Better America

    My father was a career officer in the Air Force, and a racist. He passed his views onto me, so that when I was in kindergarten and met my first black classmate, I belittled him as inferior because he was black. Once.

    The Age of Entitlements and MOAB

    It’s true. Like Metallica said, “Sad but true.”MOAB (Mother of All Bailouts) is only the first modern step towards economic fascism/socialism, notwithstanding the foundation of the New Deal and its blueprint for government interventionism.How have we come to this? How have we abandoned personal responsibility in favor of the nanny state and its promises of economic security? Fear is a strong emotion and one in | Read More »

    Palin and the Media: Astounding Hypocrisy…..

    The hypocrisy is simply stunning. The Leftist media thinks it’s perfectly OK to insert themselves and question how a public servant, a woman, is raising or would raise her child should she become VP. Yet they blow a gasket every time there’s any movement by the government to decrease the number of babies being aborted every day.The CNN idiot John RobertsThe GMA idiotI guess it’s | Read More »

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