Blogtalk Radio w/Fausta: 07/15/2009.

    We talked a bit about Sotomayor and cap-and-trade and whatnot; the highlight was probably me offering to trade Honduras for Beverly Hills. Oh, don’t tell me that you wouldn’t make that trade, either. Fausta would, in a heartbeat. Crossposted to Moe Lane.


    On BlogTalk Radio with Fausta again today.

    It’ll autoload, so I’ll just give you the link: see also here. I’m going to blame any stammering and verbal tics on my knee. Fair warning: I got a little angry at the end (around 32:30) when I was talking about what Little Miss Attila noted was only not a ‘rape’ list if you could honestly expect that a woman would knowingly and voluntarily have | Read More »

    I got a little, ah, vehement on Fausta’s show there.

    Found here; autoloading link after the fold. Anyway, halfway through, in response to somebody doing the usual hand-down-the-pants nonsense about how Bush wasn’t President. You need to step on stuff like that. I’ve also blogrolled Fausta. About time I did, really. Moe Lane

    Today’s Podcast: Tea Parties, the Bush Six, and International Affairs.

    I did my twice-monthly radio podcast with Fausta – we discussed Tea Parties, Cuba, the “Bush Six,” pirates of Somalia, the Vatican’s rejection/non-rejection of pro-choice ambassadors, the DHS rightwing extremist issue, and even a quick mention of IL-05. And, oh yeah, I sneered at the pro-torture Left. Just because I felt like it. Podcast and the various links mentioned after the fold. I would like | Read More »

    End of the Cuba Embargo?

    Very possibly. From Fausta: Cuba: U.S. Embargo to End? The Fifth Summit of the Americas is coming up next week, on April 17-19 in Trinidad-Tobago. The Summit’s theme is “Securing Our Citizens’ Future by Promoting Human Prosperity, Energy Security and Environmental Sustainability.” It will be interesting to watch what the Obama administration has planned for the Summit regarding Cuba. As readers may recall, last February | Read More »

    Fausta’s podcast (03/16/09): Engel, PMA, and organic food.

    In which I Jacobin all over the place again. Link here, or listen below. I like doing these, so you’re stuck with me mentioning these when I do them. Some of the posts that I mentioned: PMA Engel Organic food Sites I mentioned: Is this blog on? Protein Wisdom Track a ‘crat Crossposted to Moe Lane.