More Clown College Antics.

    If it weren’t so comi-tragic in these days of the constant threat of terrorist penetration of our vaunted ‘national security’ apparatus, it would make a great sit-com… or a third-ring, floppy-shoe, fright-wig clown act. We have a Justice Department trying to be the CIA, FBI and  NSA all in one delightful package, under our intrepid and totally inept Attorney General Eric Holder. It’s one grandstand | Read More »

    The Second Most Arrogant Man in Washington, Eric Holder

    I apologize for the multiple diaries, but some things are time-sensitive. Iran is, and so is this case of the Christmas “knicker-bomber” which is quickly spiraling out of control; from a departmental security slip-up, to a full blown scandal, with criminal, or at least serious legal overtones. It’s no longer that Obama should fire Eric Holder. The Republican Party should insist on his impeachment, and | Read More »

    Information? We don’t need no stinking information……

    A Nation of Fools by Peary Perry (Sign up for future columns at INFORMATION? WE DON’T NEED NO STINKING INFORMATION….. In colonial days, the British soldiers were called ‘redcoats’ because of the color of their uniforms. The powers that be at the time thought it made sense to have their uniforms the same color as blood so that if somebody got shot the other | Read More »

    More Citizens With Guns & Less Crime … A Coincidence?

    This from the latest NRA newsletter: = = = FBI Reports Huge Decrease In Murders As Firearm, Ammunition And “Large” Magazine Sales Soar Last week, the FBI issued its preliminary 2009 crime report, showing that the number of murders in the first half of 2009 decreased 10 percent compared to the first half of 2008. If the trend holds for the remainder of 2009, it | Read More »

    The Domestic Face Of “Overseas Contingency Operations”

    From The Political and Financial Markets Commentator Take A Good Look At This Man Remember back in March when the name change order came down from the top? No more Global War On Terror. It was now to be known as Overseas Contingency Operations. I suppose that GWOT had negative connotations to the Obama administration. The President had the idea of putting lipstick on the | Read More »

    U.S. Att’y Jim Letten, FBI Smell Something Fishy in New Orleans City Hall

    U.S. Attorney Jim Letten today announced an investigation in New Orleans City Hall, this time into the city’s ill-fated foray into anti-crime surveillance cameras. And, yes, this investigation will reach into Democratic Mayor Ray Nagin’s office. U.S. Attorney’s office confirms federal investigation into City Hall Letten’s success in bringing charges against corrupt New Orleans-area Democrats has been previously chronicled in these pages, here,here, here, here, | Read More »

    Publius Podcast: Why Terror is no Police Problem

    The latest Publius Podcast is up, folks. Have at it. Feel free to visit the Publius Forum TalkShoe page to see my past podcasts. Or see for an aggregation of my podcasts as well as some other great podcasts for your listening pleasure. New podcasts appear approximately monthly, or whenever the mood strikes me to do one.

    FBI Director Rebukes Obama Administration, Congressional Democrats

    In response to a question from Congressman Lamar Smith (R-TX), FBI Director Robert Mueller gave the House Judiciary Committee a rundown of the Bureau’s concerns about transferring Guantanamo terror suspects to the United States. President Obama and his Democrat friends in Congress would be wise to take note of Mr. Mueller’s warnings.

    Today’s Headlines — Feb. 24, 2009 Utah governor to D.C. GOP: You’re ‘inconsequential’ — Spending bill stuffed with earmarks — Recession’s new winner: Granny underwear Lean times for frilly lingerie — Treasury, Citigroup debate control Nationalization fears hit stocks — FBI praises foreigners, disses U.S. Mueller sees terror prevention — Pakistani Taliban unite against U.S. — Levy suspect had detainment status — Clooney | Read More »

    What were Rahm Emanuel’s (D) links to Tim Mahoney (D), anyway?

    No, I don’t have any updates to the FBI investigation of former Congressman Mahoney (D, FL-16) and whether he used campaign funds to pay off one of his mistresses, sorry. That’s going to be a quiet kind of story until the FBI finishes said investigation; after all, Mahoney was brutally sacrificed to the media gods by the Democratic Party desperate to have that story not | Read More »

    Another Wednesday, Another OPEN THREAD……. FBI may shift gears away from Counter-Terrorism to work fraud cases AND…. IowaHawk strikes again ! Looks like Hopey One Kenobi™ may have his FBI shifting gears…… and are we surprised ?  Oh nay nay. Change no free individual should ever believe in. The moniker “Hopey One Kenobi” ™ to ‘StableHand’ at The Jawa Report. —————————– Ladies and Gentlemen: The man, the myth, the legend, IowaHawk and Nummmmmmbers Innnn Theeeeeeee Newwwwwwws………. Let’s get this party started in here ! | Read More »

    Today’s Headlines — Dec. 19, 2008 Bush spells out the auto restructuring plan — FBI agents paid overtime for cocktail parties Audit shows estimated $6.4 million in improper payments — EXCLUSIVE: Obama to create Iran outreach post — Financial ties of Clinton, Vilsack scrutinized Donors, subsidies get reviews —- PRUDEN: A Senate test for high celebrity — ANALYSIS: Weyrich cast long shadow in conservatism —- | Read More »

    How Sedition and Corruption Elected a Coup

    As evidenced by a new documentary, the press kept knowledge of anything negative about Obama and the Democrats completely quiet. The average voter had no clue about Bill Ayers, Tony Resko, George Soros, how the Democrats set up the housing crash, how the Democrats set up the Wall Street fiasco, the pending redistribution of wealth, that socialism is a cancer or the coming destruction of | Read More »

    Media in the tank for… ACORN?

    That is an actual quote from this article.More: So on Friday afternoon, the Obama campaign hit back, calling on U.S. Atty. Gen. Michael Mukasey to appoint a special prosecutor to look into the Republicans’ apparent attempt to use the Justice Dept., once again, to accomplish its political aims. Special Prosecutor Nora Dannehy is already investigating charges that the DOJ engaged in a partisan witch-hunt in | Read More »

    Hey, have you ever used DarkMarket for all your cyber-crime needs?

    They’ve been running that site since November 2006. Via AoSHQ: Cybercrime Supersite ‘DarkMarket’ Was FBI Sting, Documents Confirm, an online watering hole for thousands of identify thieves, hackers and credit card swindlers, has been secretly run by an FBI cybercrime agent for the last two years, until its voluntary shutdown earlier this month, according to documents unearthed by a German radio network. Reports from | Read More »