(Cartoon) – The only thing we have to fear…

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    I Want Failure

    Almost everyone else seems to be afraid to say it, because the media and everyone else will excoriate them for it.  Everyone should want to “work together” and be “bipartisan.” Horse hockey. So I’ll say it:  “I want President Obama to fail.” Does this mean I want total economic failure, massive unemployment, deflation, layoffs and starvation? Quite the opposite. I want Mr. Obama to fail | Read More »

    Juan williams calls Obama’s people thuggish

    On o’reilly tonight they were discussing how Joe the plumber was being mistreated by the media. It was brought to the attention Joe was vetted more for insignificant things compared to the things the media was overlooking from Obama. The lady on the show says she thinks some of the mainstreet media refuses to look into Obama because they become thuggish towards you when you | Read More »

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    McCain ain’t Bush (Thank God)

    I wrote my first political article in the last issue of It’s all in the JOURNEY. And I’ve been hearing about it. “You’re going to piss some people off.” “You should keep the message positive.” “This isn’t the place for politics.” “You shouldn’t talk bad about our country.” And on, and on, and on. Let me make one thing clear; I am not advocating for | Read More »

    Robin Hood

    Open Letter to Steve Schmidt and Rick Davis: It is my feelings that you should address the latest thought being bounced around the airwaves tonight. The thought I am referring to is… “ Who would you want as president should the economic downturn spiral into civil disruption. Who would you want as president if we had to declare martial law?”No doubt that man should be | Read More »

    It means something like “Every man for himself.”

    Then I heard an all-hands call on my helmet that I never want to hear again. “Sauve qui peut! Home! Home! Pickup and home! Any beacon that you can hear. Six minutes! All hands, save yourselves, pick up your mates. Home on any beacon! *Sauve qui – *“ I hurried. Robert Heinlein, Starship Troopers, page 110 Why am I quoting that book? Oh, no reason: | Read More »

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