It’s Not a Good Year in Gadsden, Alabama

    Less Energy Demand Means Less Work For Gadsden, AL (HT: Gadsden Times) America has yet another reason to grow tired of Barack Obama’s failed economic policies. On the same day he released a new campaign ad entitled “Tires,” Goodyear Tire and Rubber Incorporated seems to have cracked an axle. As the travails of President Obama’s failed government corporatism hit home, I | Read More »

    Going Galt

    In this new age of Obama the words of Atlas Shrugged seem a little too accurate for comfort.  People could always make the argument that the government had too many regulations, was strangling business, and hampering the overall good of society as a result.  But there weren’t people who were “going Galt.” That is, the men of the mind never retreated never ran away.  They | Read More »