GOP should insist on FICA tax cut amendment to Dem bill

    Congressional Republicans should let Dems own the spending cliff and re-learn the English language Before outlining what would be optimum tea partier conservative action by the House in response to the Obama/Reid-approved, “American Taxpayer Relief Act of 2012″, Senate fiscal cliff bill, passed less than three hours into A.D. 2013; let us get our New Year’s bearings straight. We now live at the bottom of | Read More »

    Republicans must end Orwellian FICA tax blindness

    Debt ceiling battle exposes the lie of those that claim most low income Americans don’t pay federal income taxes File under the category that a rose by any other name smells as sweet Outside Martha’s Vineyard, Americans are suffering the natural result of super-majority Democratic Party economic policies. Natural Law and history compel the expectation of one party Republican rule in Washington after next year’s | Read More »

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