They Call Themselves The Fighting Irish!

    I have been watching the fighting Irish my whole life. The only collage football, I will watch on TV accept the Army,Navy game that has a great tradition. I thought the fighting Irish had a great tradition, But I was mistaken. It is sad to say that. The fighting Irish is as much a part of me as any thing can be. I never went | Read More »

    A Post-Election Plan, Part Two

    Hi. In Part One of this Post-Election Plan series I gave some advice to our candidate in 2012, Govenror Sarah Palin. I described in detail why it was vital that she immediately set up a PAC, and much more. If you haven’t read Part One, please do so after reading this. We’re still two days out from the Election, so I want to focus on | Read More »

    Fight Back by Donating

    Folks, it is time for us to fight back. With the nomination of Sarah Palin, the media have really let the masks slip. Donate to the RNC Victory Fund. Right now, the “coverage” the major media networks are providing for the Republican National Convention ought to count as an in-kind contribution to Barack Obama’s campaign. In the middle of Fred Thompson’s primetime stemwinder speech, I | Read More »