Waiting for Sim: Christmas Eves With the Definitive Scrooge

    by Michael Mandaville www.CitizenSoldierHandbook.com When growing up in Los Angeles, a singular delight was getting the TV Guide in the Sunday paper and scouring it, pen in hand.  My movie search.  In the sixties, Los Angeles had the greatest number of TV channels in any city: 2-4-5-7-9-11-13.  In trips to San Diego, the Mid-West or anywhere else, you’d be lucky to get two, maybe three | Read More »

    The Lord of the Rings

    Last week, the wife and I both came down with a virus of some kind.  Probably not H1N1. But, we found ourselves unwilling to exert ourselves and decided to watch a movie.  Three movie actually.  We chose to screen the three volumes of Peter Jackson’s Lord of the Rings (LOTR). At every turn, I found the allegory uncanny when you use LOTR as a lens | Read More »


    The Counter-Hollywood Apparatus

    In the previous post, I suggested a novel approach to providing k-12 scholarships to children attending private schools. The referral rate method was suggested so as not to compete for the larger pool of charitable funds chasing other equally deserving causes. Now I turn my attention from education to the larger culture as shaped by mass media in the arts. I read with rapt attention | Read More »

    Michael Moore’s New Film

    I put together some thoughts on Michael Moore’s new film. Believe me, I’m not recommending it, lol. In Slacker Uprising Michael Moore sings a song to himself and the tune is both false and aggrandizing, but you won’t find any real slackers rising here. This film is all about Michael Moore and his narcissism which he exhales with every gargantuan shuffle. This is a rich | Read More »