99 days of fear itself and 3 dead pirates

    A Hundred Days? Waiting one more day won’t make President Barack Obama an FDR any more than waiting 901 days will make him JFK. One might as well wait for flu-ravaged pigs to fly over NYC. We are to fear everything and everybody on Earth except Obama, Obama’s creations, those Obama affirms via apologies or otherwise, and foreign man-made disaster causers (formally known as terrorists) | Read More »

    The First Hundred Days

    Forget the crystal balls, tea leaves, tarot cards, and Ouija boards. To get a preview of the first one-hundred days of an Obama administration simply tune in to the first fifteen minutes of ABC’s hit show Supernanny.   The show, now in its fifth season, is all about snot nosed, self-centered, spoiled rotten, brats who demand their way or else. The show is also about | Read More »