Seeing double when drunk on Liberalism.

    Damon Linker thinks there were (I almost said are) two Fr. Richard John Neuhauses. The good one and the bad one. Very generously, Linker writes that “I’m not mistaken, the first, more thoughtful Neuhaus has reasserted himself in the past two years.” What a relief that is. But what did that other one do? What are the second Neuhaus’s crimes? Well, he encouraged “the American | Read More »

    Fr. Richard John Neuhaus, 1936-2009

    Father Richard John Neuhaus died this morning in New York City. He was seventy two. If there was ever a man who conveyed through his writing that he was ready for this moment, it was Fr. Neuhaus.  But perhaps in my selfishness, there is no man I am more sorrowful to lose. One could consider this loss in the context of the modern social conservative | Read More »