A study in contrasts: Letters from my Congressmen on Cap & Trade

    Let’s start with the first letter I received. This is from Senator Bill Nelson in response to my letter regarding cap & trade legislation: Thank you for contacting me regarding cap-and-trade legislation. I am interested in cap-and-trade programs because they would let the market, not the government, dictate how to lower harmful emissions. I believe that we have the technology and ability to meet the | Read More »

    FL-15 Bill Posey (R)

    As a result of the 2008 election Florida is represented in congress by 15 Republican and 10 Democrat representatives, with 2 Republican and 1 Democrat seat changing parties. Bill Nelson-D and Mel Martinez-R are our Senators, neither of which were up for reelection in 2008. Our governor is Charlie Crist-R who was also not up for reelection. The highest profile non-politician is Jeb Bush-R who | Read More »

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    My letter to my Congressman: Be a Maverick!

    Just sent this in via www.house.gov, which is very slow tonite. Dr. Weldon voted for the bill Monday, saying it was a poor bill but he felt pressured to do something. Please vote no on this bailout. I agree with you that it is a poor bill. But “doing something to just do something” is no reason to support it. As a doctor, you know | Read More »