Chris Wallace – Hero Or Heel?

    That it was another brutal work week can be testified to by the absence of articles on my part. It’s a statement of the times were are living through that just having all of our crews working counts as a huge success. We’ve slashed our rates to the bone and are taking a much lower profit margin (whoops, there’s the left’s mantra… evil profit) just | Read More »

    Flake’s second call for ethics probe defeated by Democrats.

    Well, Rep. Flake tried to get the Democrats to vote in favor of ethical behavior again, and again they voted him down. Via Instapundit: House turns back call for PMA probe The House on Thursday night turned back another call to investigate the PMA Group, a once-powerful lobbying firm whose offices were recently raided by the FBI and which has close ties to Pennsylvania Rep. | Read More »

    Democrats reject Flake Corruption Probe.

    (Followup to this post) The bad news, of course, is that majority party Democrats are adamant against having any investigation into whether there are links between campaign contributions and earmarks in bills – which is very interesting, given that they control Congress, and thus can presumably make sure that the proceedings are fair… The House voted Wednesday to kill a resolution calling for an ethics | Read More »

    Flake And Coburn

    Please don’t screw this up. Get the right people in the highest positions available. The time is ripe. Get it right and do it right now. The Republican Party has just gotten the enema it needed and this is the time to fix it. We need leaders to lead this country out of desperate times to come. *We need to cut through the crap and | Read More »