The Wisconsin Recall Template

    Recall efforts against the Wisconsin Republican state senators is in full action mode.  The teachers and other public sector unions are engaging in a full on assault against the new Wisconsin law banning some collective bargaining categories.  One of the first problems they have is with the nature of a recall.  Recalls were designed to remove corrupt or wayward senators and representatives that broke the | Read More »

    “If you listen to fools,”…

    This needs to be the conservatives’ fight song for battling the Fleebaggers and public employee union thugs. Since I am a devotee of heavy metal, this is perfect. Turn it way up. Inspired by Michelle Malkin: When rules are lobbed, mobs rule.

    Time to apply stronger measures in Wisconsin?

    Democrats understand the concept of “By Any Means Necessary.” They use it persistently and consistently. I think we are about to find out if Republicans have the stomach to return the favor. I understand the quorum requirement is less stringent for non-budgetary matters, and the Republicans can take them up without the Dems.. I suggest the Wisconsin state legislature take up some non-budgetary topics now, | Read More »